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Urgent Facebook privacy question. Please help me with damage control :( :(

Asked by marmoset (1100points) September 10th, 2011 from iPhone

A fb friend of mine posted pics of me, tagged with my name, that I absolutely don’t want some of my friends to see. I happened to check my email and notice this, and I got him to take them down within ten minutes. What does this mean? Do ONLY those friends of mine who happened to look at fb during those 10 mins see the pics? What about people reading fb feeds? Were the images sent to them? Who saw or will see these photos?? Also urgent: will it help at all (in terms of preventing people from seeing them) if I unfriend this person?

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Only his friends saw it, if he has that setting on, unless his profile is open.

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I believe that only people who saw them in those 10 minutes are the ones you have to worry about. Once they’re gone, they should stay gone. I don’t think anything further (such as defriending him) will be of any benefit or necessity.

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Albums on facebook can be shown either:

1. just to his friends, (in which case, even though you were tagged, only mutual friends would have seen that)
2. to friends of friends (in which case, yes, the tag would have been on your friends’ newsfeeds, but would no longer appear once he removed the tag)
3. to everyone (as 2 above)
4. to only selected people (hardly anyone does this as usually they want to share the pics with all their mates)

But you need to be aware that IF your friend has the album set to setting 2 or 3 as opposed to just his own mates, then friends of yours would still be able to see those photos if they happened across them. If it is really so important that this doesn’t happen, you need to talk to the one who’s posted them. The only true way to be sure is if the photos are removed from fb (and to not put yourself in the same situation again in the future????? ~)

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Only those that saw them during that 10 minute period ever saw them, though without going into your friend’s privacy settings, there is no way of knowing who may have seen them. It might be their friends only, it might be the entire internet; we can’t know.

Regarding the final part of the question, unfriending won’t do a thing. They are your friend’s pictures, not yours. Also, I have tagged people that don’t have an FB account. The only difference is that any name without an FB account tied to it will be plain-text instead of an HTML link to their FB profile.

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Once a photo is shown on Facebook, the possibilities of where it will go next, is limitless.

Its like diagraming a sentence. The main line has many attachments.

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Just another thing to let you know. Anyone who did see the pictures can (and may have already) downloaded those pictures to their own account. It might give you some peace of mind if you could find out to whom he made the photos available when he posted them.

Most likely he made them available to all of his friends. You can check his friend list to see if any of those people are people that you know. You could ask each of those people if they saw the photos. Although, if they were only up for 10 minutes, it’s not likely that too many people saw them in the first place.

And as a pre-emptive strike, to prevent this from happening again, you could post something on your profile to all of your friends (without telling them what happened) that it should become common courtesy for anyone on FB to ask anyone in their photos if it’s OK to post them. Most people will completely ignore this advice, though.

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all but one point is made above, I say do not UN-friend this person, if you do they could put the pic back up and you will not be notified,

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If you did what you could to get the photos down off your friend’s page, worrying excessively at this point is not beneficial to you. To some extent, you cannot control what’s been done. Just hope for the best.

Also, a question for all, I thought that with the new FB you have to approve photos you’ve been tagged in? or is it that you have to approve them being put on your page if you’ve been tagged in them?

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@jca good question, to which I’m not sure of the answer…

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@jca From my understanding, you just approve them before they show up on your profile. The tags can still show up elsewhere, even if you deny them from your profile (with the profile review). That’s for things (like pictures) that other people tag you in. You can control who adds tags to what you post as well (with the tag review), but I’m pretty sure that only protects what you post and not what other people post.

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