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Why does Fluther limit the amount of questions I may ask?

Asked by tlm (475points) September 11th, 2011

So here I am, new to the community, asking my second question and seeing “You have 2 questions left for today”. Why the limit, really?

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It is to keep the quality of the questions high. If you know you only have three in a one-day period, you will presumably think about them a little more.

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@marinelife: Thanks… They could of think about not counting the meta questions, though.

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Welcome on Fluther ^^

And why not count the meta questions? You can ask 3 questions every 12 hours. Just ask your questions and wait 12 hours and ask the rest of your questions. Simple enough.

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@Hibernate: True enough. True enough. But meta questions are more of support issues anyway, or am I wrong?

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Meta is often used for inter-community fun and information as well. We hold parties when a member achieves lurve in multiples of 10,000 there too. Browse the section and you’ll get a feel for it. I think we also limit the number of questions so that we don’t get flooded with one person’s input.

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Yes, meta are more for help but you can ask your question in a similar question and you usually get replies.

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@janbb: Ah. That’d make perfect sense then.

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The question limit is there because without it, I’m sure we’d get some folks that spam the community with question after question after question all day long. We’re here to help, but it’s also not just a one-user show. Fluther is a more vibrant and useful community when many people have a chance to participate. Also, I’ve personally found that the quality of questions is often in inverse proportion to how many are asked in a row. The first one or three might be important information that someone needs, or at least an amusing discussion for the community, but by the umpteenth question, it’s something like, “What is your favorite sandwich filling?” A limit keeps the quality higher.

If you have support issues and don’t want to use a question up on them, you can also ask the mods. There’s a contact link here, which sends out an email to all the Fluther Moderators. It’s no guarantee that you’ll get an immediate response (most of us are volunteers and are not always “standing by”), but it will bring your issue to our attention. And, welcome to Fluther. :)

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It really helps to keep the site from being flooded with spam from one user, as well.

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@tlm But meta questions are more of support issues anyway, or am I wrong? Meta questions can certainly be used that way, but it’s not the only way to get help. At the very top of the screen, next to the search box, is a “contact” link. That lets you send a question to all of the mods. The next time one of them is available (they’re volunteers, but they’re around quite a lot), they will email you a reply.

You can also find a veteran that is active and send them a PM (private message). Most of us are friendly and love to help new jellies. You send a PM by going to their account and clicking the “message” button near the top.

Also, you can use the search bar to find previous questions that may provide the answer you’re looking for. Many new jellies have the same questions about the site, so it’s likely that whatever you’re wondering has been asked before.

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Quality vs. Quantity. I’ve been here for nearly three years. I do not have more than a question to ask every few weeks.

I tend to read old threads and do searches on topics that interest me. In the beginning, I just read threads and got to “know” the community a bit before dipping my foot in the pool.

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I think most people who ask three questions day after day mostly end up asking crap questions. That’s another 2 cents from me.

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Nah, @janbb , that’s worth at least $28.00, that one.

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Fact from Fiction, y’all.

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