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How dysfunctional is your family?

Asked by cheebdragon (18830points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

My son is 2 years older than his uncle (my half brother). Oh and my dad married a girl who was my babysitter for awhile when I was like 5–7 years old but she was also the sister of my brothers best friend, and my dad worked for her dad.

Thats just a small part of my familys dysfunction.

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My family’s dysfunctional to the point that the craziness cancels each other out and it all works pretty well.
.....of course, being spread over 3 countries and only seeing each other every 1–2 years makes it easier to get along.

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Removed by myself

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This question reminds me of this song

I have a cousin who legally is my aunt. She is my aunt’s daughter, but they gave custody of her to my grnadmother when they divorced, and grandma adopted her which makes her legally my aunt. ( I hope that made sense!)

There are also two boys in the family who are brothers and cousins to each other. Two of my aunts each adopted one of the boys which makes them legally cousins.

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Well, my youngest sister has been married for 5 years and they have two kids – they’ve never seen each other naked.

My middle sister has been married for 7 years and has 2 kids and she won’t poop if her husband is in the house.

When I was in college, I would literally go for days and days without speaking to anyone because I was so shy. (I’ve managed to overcome my pathological shyness by faking it).

Can you say “repression”?

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Fortunately I come from a very functional family. My parents are amazing people, and so is my brother and nephew.

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Every family is dysfunctional in some way, its only a matter of degree!

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I am not trying to one up anyone, but…

My grandpa committed incest on my mom and her siblings, my dad had to beat his dad up with a chair to save his mother’s life. I’ve got a sister that was “murdered” by my grandpa—she was my half sister.

My aunt was so drugged she didn’t even realize her three year old daughter had been struck and killed by a passing car—right in front of her.

One of my cousins was shot twelve times over a small bag of heroin—a back alley in Bakersfield became his final home.

Growing up, I witnessed my mom talking to herself in “the baby voice” while she hid under the table where she claimed she was safe.

When I was five, my dad suffered a bleeding ulcer—his brothers were more concerned about his will than his well being.

and thats the condensed reason why I moved to Los Angeles and adopted dogs. :D

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whoa dude! You win!

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Aw, riser thats horrible, I’m sorry

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I’m happy. I’ve got my fiance and our dogs: Messiah Warrior and Shane.

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Plus all the confetti!

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haha *Riser sends Cheeb more confetti. ;)

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I have a gay dad, and a feminist for a mom. I think it’s pretty dysfunctional at times, but my confidence in being a women i through the roof! :)

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