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What song would play during your montage?

Asked by Joker94 (8175points) September 11th, 2011

You know you’ve thought about it. If you could be in a montage, what would it be of, and what song would play during your montage? Would it have some significance to your life, or would it just be spontaneously awesome?

Mine would probably feature the song Harvest by Neil Young. It’d probably be the part in the movie where the girl and I have split, and have a depressing montage of our lives without each other. You know, with obligatory shots of us shopping, feeling along around friends, moodily eating breakfast and all that good stuff. Towards the end, we’d realize we were both wrong, and I’d go to her house in the pouring rain at like, 3 AM. After knocking on her door, she’d answer to see a drenched me standing in her frame. We’d both nervously say, “Hey..” to one another. S’all I’ve got. Your turn.

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The song would be Feeling Good played by Muse. It would play as I was seen to walk past a pile of suitcases and get into a limousine.

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Have to go upbeat now with this song, since I’m a bit down.

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Right now it would be 20th Century Boy by T. Rex as I make a mad dash from the Po po with a stupid grin on my face, with a fist in the air and a finger to the sky… or maybe Confrontation by Otep.

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I would have Twisted followed by Circle Game both by Joni Mitchell.

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@Neizvestnaya Great song! Muse did a hell of a cover of that song. I really like Michael Buble’s, though..
@mazingerz88 I’ve never heard that song before. I hope you cheer up, dude!
@King_Pariah I’ll have to look up those songs, but you’re scenario is brilliant.
@tranquilsea I’ve never heard of her before, but I liked the songs!

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The only…age I know is garbage and mortgage. What is it, I think I must have one around somewhere lol.

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Zanzibar. It’d be the opening for a film about a club musician dealing with the realization that his dreams of going big have all but died. It’d start after the opening credits roll, accompanied by soft jazz. The credits portray a man walking through a city with his head down, uncaringly. He reaches a door and opens it, which is where the song starts, as he walks in the camera pans outward revealing it’s a low-grade nightclub. He orders a beer and sits and drinks it, watching a dancer. He begins to imagine himself as a performer, drinking fine champagne. He finished his glass of Don Perignon and sets it down, it turns back to his class of beer in the smoky room and the song ends, he looks up and walks backstage.

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Eye of the Tiger by Survivor! I know, I know it’s not original but it’s a classic!

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Mine would be the theme song from Dawn of the Dead.

It would start playing in a movie where a character has lost it all, and all is sure to never get better, but yet, the character clings to a disturbing determination that will not let them die.

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Boogy Woogy Woogy Woogy Woooooo :D
“Boys and girls, it’s nighty night time, Happyton the clown has a nursery rhyme. It’s about the boogy woogy man. Keep your light on as long as you can. Because when it cuts off, so does your head.” ;)
What other song could I POSSIBLY want?


“This Is Your Song” by Don Goodwin.

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