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Does the original Warcraft 3 (2003 Version) install Securom?

Asked by addnone (98points) September 12th, 2011

I have recently been wanting to play Warcraft III, and I still have the original discs. But, I worry that Securom will be installed along with the game. Does anybody know if this game has Securom? Or, when Securom was created? I can not seem to find answers to these questions anywhere on the Internet… so maybe someone on here will be able to tell me out of personal experience? ? ?


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Yes it has Securom. If you are installing from the orginal discs then I imagine Securom will be installed too. Securom has been around for a while and there are different versions some that just confirm the game CD is in the drive some that connect to the internet to activate a product. I’d guess but don’t know that with Warcraft 3 it’s just gonna check you got the CD in the drive when you play it.

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