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Why do certain vehicles have to stop at train crossings?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34610points) May 7th, 2008

I see school buses and large trucks do it all the time and while i do understand the need for caution while driving these vehicles are rogue trains really that big of a problem?

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It’s better to be constantly cautious in those vehicles. Having the rule to stop and ensure that the way is clear reduces the risk of someone not, or forgetting to look both ways and just driving through the crossing as they normally do.

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Its not a matter of rogue trains. They stop because it is the law in most states for commercial vehicles that carry passengers to stop at all rail crossings.

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The thing that strikes me as strange though is school buses stop but not regular buses.

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Really? The buses in my area do. I think they all should. Why take the risk.

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Yea they dont. I still dont see the risk though.I’ve never heard of a case where someone was just crossing the tracks and then WHAM random train hits the car.

As far as the whole law to stop thing i find it kind of weird. Its as if the state is saying its not safe for some vehicles to cross while it is for other. If it is such a risk shouldnt everyone have to stop?

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it was a law that was made years ago when a bus full of kids was hit by a train

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@uberbatman Well I think maybe the risk is greater in two ways:

1. The driver of a bus has more lives that he/she is responsible for than just himself. As with most other motorists.

2. I can only assume, since I don’t hold a degree in physics, that it’s easier for a train to derail after hitting a larger vehicle than say a Ford Focus.

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This is a good question, but if it’s so important for buses full of kids to stop at rail crossings, then why don’t they have seat belts? Do they even crash test school buses?

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