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Can I get Wifi Calling for TMobile with my phone?

Asked by madmax303 (262points) September 12th, 2011

I have a MyTouch 3G. Could I get the free Wifi calling on my phone? And if so, can I call someone who lives in Canada (I live in the U.S.) for free? Or would there be charge? I might need to call a friend from Canada, but I don’t think my family has international calls. But would it be different with the Wifi?

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Can it support skype?

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Skype would be my answer too.

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I think it does.

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Skype is the answer in most cases here. However, I’m not sure whether your phone supports it or not (yes, I know it is Android-powered, but specific models may have restrictions)

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I just downloaded it xD

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So.. do I have to pay to be able to call my friend in Canada with Skype on my phone?

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If you are calling phones yes, no if they have skype.

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