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Ladies, why do you put your loose strands of hair on the shower wall?

Asked by Stormcrow (195points) May 7th, 2008

Maybe it’s just the women that I have had relationships with, and the ones that I have asked about this along the way…. But why, oh why, do you insist on doing this? There’s nothing like hopping in the shower and looking to your right or left and seeing what looks like enough hair for a toupee sitting on the wall. I realize that this is something that I am going to have to deal with for the rest of my life. I’m quite certain that I have little habits that my wife has wanted to strangle me over. I’m just trying to understand. :) Ladies? Gents even, any input?

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The frustrating outweighs the rewarding when you try to remove those strands off of the wall. it is quite a task and women spend enough time in the bathroom as is.

Perhaps it’s their way of saying “look honey… you aren’t the only one losing your hair.”

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well, i put it on the wall too, but i take it off after im done showering… there’s nothing more anoing than hair on your hands..

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What kind of showers are you people using? Seriously, your hair is blasting off and sticking to the wall?

Consider getting a squeegee in the meantime, until you fix whatever the flip is going on with your shower.

[Edit:] Ooooo-o-o-o-oohhhh… it’s collecting in the drain, and then that wad is picked up and placed on the wall. Ew. Yah, that is gross.

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Except for the rinse after colouring my hair, I never end up with handfulls of hair….but then, my hair is very fine, so maybe I’m just not noticing….especially first thing in the morning when I’m really not with it.
Either way, I don’t ‘hang’ my hair on the wall…...

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i do it because i like to see how much hair i loose in the course of my shower, i then remove it and throw it in the trashcan with no trace of this habit left behind.

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I must be showering wrong because my walls aren’t hairy!

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!!! You read my mind! +3 lurve x infinity!

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@robmandu Actually it comes off in their hands when washing their hair and then they put it on the wall…

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@Andrew, is Ben’s neck beard causing strife in the locker room at Fluther hq?


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@storm, wha….?!?

Dude, I’m out then. I used to have longish hair which would accumulate over time in the drain. I don’t recall getting it wrapped up on my hands, but even so, I can’t imagine a way in which rubbing that on the wall would be easier than simply rinsing it off using the shower flow.

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ususaly it’s only a few hairs that come out of my forest of illusions… and rob, it is easyer, i’ve learned the hard way

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@iwa… “forest of illusions”... mwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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Does you gf (or past gfs) dye their hair? They’re probably checking to see how bad the roots are getting. An old gf of mine used to do that.

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@kevbo My wife does dye her hair sometimes. Still though…. take it with you when you get out. shivers

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As often as I clean the bathroom, I don’t have much room to complain.

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@stormcrow: You don’t blow your nose in the shower? C’mon. You can share.

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Do you think that people shed their hair on shower walls on purpose to irritate you?

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my ex called me an extreme pervert because i pee in the shower, cmon, we all do it! admit to it!

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Okay, I’m going to reveal this to you because you asked for it: I have long, naturally super-curly hair, and when I shower and wash it a LOT of it comes out and will inevitable clog the drain.

Removing a great big hair-wad from your shower drain is really, really gross.

Therefore, I avoid this by flinging my hair on the wall with the BEST intentions of throwing it away after my shower….but, being a girl, post-shower maintenance usually absorbs my attention and I forget about it until it’s dried and looks like a dead mouse on the floor.

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I’m astonished this is such a wide-spread problem…....I just clean the drain regularly and have never had to pick up my hair on my way out….

sharing isn’t always caring….

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What the hell? I would never intentionally put my hair on the shower wall. I put a metal drain catch in my shower so it collects the hair, yet allows the water to go through. Then I can just dump whatever it collects in the trash with minimal effort.

Ellen DeGeneres had this great stand-up bit where she explained how people will avoid touching hair in the shower and will actually grab the shower head and try to shoot it out of sight. I hate it just as much as the guys apparently.

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My wife has long, lustrous, wavy locks… and now I know just how blessed I really am to be so far removed from this shower phenom as to not even comprehend it.

She’s getting a big ole kiss when I get home.

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@Andrew No, I don’t do that. I shared a bathroom with the next room in a barracks and I could hear the guy in there doing that. :x

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My wife has long hair and I have never found hair on the wall of the shower. None of my gf’s before I got married did this either. Hmmm..interesting to learn this is a common thing.

I don’t urinate in the shower.

Of course I blow my nose in the shower…I live at 6800 ft. in a very dry climate, you have to.

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Whaaaa?? I’ve never seen or heard of this problem!

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My girlfriend has very fine hair which she dyes regularly and loses a bit every washing. She never cleans the little metal hair trap that we placed over the drain. My hair is extremely long, thick and naturally curly (oh, alright, its also a bit, I mean alot, grey and getting greyer…no, strike that…its a very distinguisdhed salt & pepper color). When I wash my hair, I fill that little trap two to three times. If I don’t remove it from the drain in the course of my shower, it impedes drainage, so yes, I do fling the wad on the wall. However, I have never failed to accumulate the wads and clean the trap a final time and dispose of the entire mess immediately upon my exit from the shower.

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Clearly you were traumatized by hair on shower walls as a child, repressed the memory, and now you subconsciously select women who do the same thing. There must be some giveaway that your subconscious knows about.

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It’s a convenient place to put the hair and it’s also kinda fun to make different shapes with it…

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Well I have very long hair and when I was it, I tend to get a strand or two on my hand. Let me tell you a wet piece of hair is not easy to get off your hand even with the running water. So it sticks easily to the shower wall, and I just get it later….if I remember.

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what i dont understand is how everyone says, “if i remember to take it off, i do” how could you possibly forget, i mean maybe no one looses as much hair as me, but there are easily over 200 strands of hair by the time im done with the wall, how can anyone forget to clean up that much hair unless your shower is HUGE.

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This is so bizzare. I don’t get it, the wall, really?

Is this similar to wiping boogers on the wall? I’d love to have a video of someone doing this. I think it would be fascinating.

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I read through all of these quickly, but maybe I missed it…seems to me that hairy soap is a MUCH bigger problem. At least you don’t have to use the walls to wash yourself! i’m surprised no one brought this up. As for the long hair on the walls, chalk that up to hair envy for those follicley challenged.

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@Seesul- I’m with you on the hairy soap issue. Though I do it unintentionally, I still think it’s kinda gross.
The thing is, however, no one places hairs, pubes or whatever on the soap. They sort of make it there on their own.

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I’ve certainly never consciously done this, I can’t imagine why anyone would do it, maybe it’s like a spaghetti test or something. I wasn’t aware women do this. I’m just flabbergasted it sounds like such an odd habit.

How much hair are we talking about here, on a scale of Mia Farrow to Sasquatch.

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I don’t think it’s a marking territory thing. I think it just happens when the force of the water flings it against the wall. Maybe I’m wrong anyone out there admit to being a shower stall hair sticker?

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@ DQ – The size of a dead mouse. Seriously.

Some of us have a lot of really thick hair…it’s really difficult to convey. In the shower a ton of it comes out (I only wash mine every 3–4 days so it doesn’t dry out) and it will cause major drainage problems…the only way to get it out from your tangled fingers is to fling it against the wall…but with lots of hair comes high hair-maintenance, so as soon as I’m done showering, I have to do my routine, and if I’m in a rush (I usually am) I just forget about the hair-wad on the shower wall…

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Nobel prize nomination, anyone? We are truly breaking new ground. ;-)

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@kevbo Really! I didn’t know I would get this much feedback.

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Trance24 leaves hair in my shower ever time she comes over. —__—

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haha, Is she a “spaghetti tester”

I know what my name for everyone this week is…

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Dare I ask? This was a lot of personal information you know, I hope it was for a good cause…:0

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If that’s a question for me, “spaghetti tester,” per DQ’s response.

Everyone as in all my friends who won’t know what the hell I’m talking about.

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Now I have officially heard everything! ha ha!! I never do that, but SO vigorously scrubs his head when he shampoos, and as a result looses quite a bit of hair in the shower. He is constantly clogging the drain with it. When I make him clear the drain, he asks how I know it’s his hair. That’s easy because his hair is dark, and mine is honey blonde. Oh and peedub, make sure it’s al dente! ha ha!!

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i’m with trance 24. it gets stuck to your hands so you put it on the wall. it almost jumps to the wall, like a magnet. am i right, ladies? and then some of it does end up in the drain. we have a “clean your own drain” rule in my house. we have to clean the drain every time we shower. hair in the shower is pretty freaking disgusting. i must say i laughed out loud for quite a while when i read this question!!

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Hey, it could be worse. My brother-in-law has extemely curly hair everywhere and my sister complains that it looks like he leaves pubes in every tub, sink and drain of the house.

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Have you ever taken a shower when the drain is clogged? Do you enjoy the feeling of water up to your ankles while you shower? Do you enjoy paying a plumber to snake your drain on a regular basis because of hairballs?? If you’re like me you hate all of the above and if you have super long, curly hair then you learn to not allow your hair down the drain. The little metal thingie doesn’t stop the hair drain clogs; Liquid Plumber only does so much; the shower gets disgusting!! bbbllliiicccckkkk. It is a necessary evil.

Besides, if I have to deal with the toilet seat being left up, it is only fair that my husband should have to deal with my hairballs!

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Touche, LF….touche

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NO i am sick of this toilet seat bullshit. Why do we have to put it down for you? You dont put it up for us. And if you fall in because you didnt look well your just stupid. Woman make a big deal out of the stupidest shit.

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Nope, here’s the answer uber: When you flush the toilet, a fine spray is shot into the air, leaving a nice toilet-water coat on your sink, toothbrush, and everything else in the bathroom. If you also think that’s seriously disgusting, put the whole seat down before flushing, as we do in my house. It’s gender-neutral.

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Whole seat down is a different story i can agree with that. I call shenanigans on your whole fine spray of water theory though.

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kiss my fluther, baby….muahahahaha ;)

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You make it seem like your toilet is air tight. Particles still get out. No matter what you do theres still going to be on your tooth brush.

So you can kiss my fluther

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@ Uber – Have I hit a nerve?? I’m holding my stomach I’m laughing so hard. The greater point I was attempting to make, is that it is impossible to live with a person—especially someone if the opposite sex—without having bizzare habits that freak you out.

PS – Don’t forget to put the cap back on the toothpaste tube!!!

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dejá vù all over again.

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@nocountry2 All right, I can understand tangled hair in fingers. I get that, too. I’ve just never considered the wall as a way to deal with it. I guess the wall has some magnetic power relating to wet hair. Last night I closely examined the shower walls after mine and couldn’t find any trace of my hair so it’s not happening unintentionally, either.

Maybe people could chase it off the walls with the shower head afterwards. Either way, I don’t think it’s something that’s non-negotiable in a relationship.

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@DeezerQueue Nah, not a deal breaker. Just.. ewww

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Sorry for the double negative. I don’t think it’s a deal breaker, either.

Why not tap into the entrepreneurial American spirit and invent the shower hairgrabber, some kind of disposable thingy that’s less disgusting to deal with but all right to rid women of their tangly, wet masses? Or something on a stick that the walls can easily be wiped with, and even the quasi dead rodent that lies on the drains so that people don’t have to touch it anymore but can easily get rid of it.

Go for it, then maybe you’ll get a nomination for that Nobel Prize Kevbo (fl) tossed into the equation.

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It’s not my fault. It happens accidentally!!

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Great question and great discussion :D

I thought I’d throw my two cents in here, since I haven’t seen it represented enough. I have pretty thick and long hair. I comb it once a day, if that, when it’s dry, not a lot of hair comes out here. But when I’m in the shower, I comb through my hair while conditioning it, and strands of hair come out then. It’s much smarter to put them on the wall than to let them go down the drain, cause they’ll just clump up into the disgusting pipe lump mouse which needs excavating… ugh. When I’m done the shower, I leave them stuck on the wall so that they dry out, cause it’s much easier to handle em dry. My partner has longer hair than I do, and he does the same.

Plus, sometimes when I’m inspired I take the time to create hair drawings on the wall. A good flexing of the abstract muscles I figure.

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oh my gosh! I thought I was the only one that did that! I really don`t know why I do that!

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