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What song have the qualitites of hit songs but somehow didn't become a big hits?

Asked by flo (10588points) September 12th, 2011

I can come up with many but I will let you start. I mean what do you rarely hear on the radio, while some songs they play so much you get sick of them. Not allowed to use MP3 player at work.

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Elbow – One Day Like This

Tom Baxter – Better

Just 2 of my fave’s

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Air play is decided on many factions. Requests and record status in BillBoard and similar music magazines. I agree with you that many good songs are left out of the count.

One, I have always liked was High Heel Sneakers, by Tommy Tucker. It came out in 1964 and made it to No. 11 on R&B chart of BillBoard.

Song has a good beat. Its on Youtube.

Note: this song probably came out before you were born, but listen to it anyway. jp


“Wide Boy” by Nik Kershaw, an Irish guy, who kind of got lost in all the New Wave hits that were coming out of Britain in the 1980s.

Has all the qualities of a hit song——strong good melody, good lyrics, good rhythm, memorable, but never became a big hit.

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Thanks everyone, good songs. esp. High Heel Sneakers, by Tommy Tucker. Do you happen to know a George Benson song from mid 1980’s that you liked but didn’t make it? I have a friend who is big fan.

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The CD“s don’t indicate where side A ends and side B begins. so ,,, It was the first song on Side B? on the cassette.

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I always thought the song “The Gallery” from Dire Straights should have been right behind “Sultans of Swing” It was probably too long for airplay.

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DJs from radio stations get payed to put some songs while others just set up a new trend when they put the same song every hour or so.
I preffer to listen to my own music even where I’m not allowed [I use something I put in my ear and I start playing music] ... to bad I have to keep it low [not because other can hear it but because I have to hear the others.

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@Hibernate I am not clear about the
DJs from radio stations get payed to put some songs while others just set up a new trend when they put the same song every hour or so.

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When a record company wants to advertise a particular artist they go to a station and PAY for that artist to have more songs. While this is done behind closed doors I’m sure you find it odd that some good artist get only a few songs while others get a whole bunch of them played.
Sometimes “it’s what people want to hear” but let’s be serious now .. some artists don’t have anything to do with music yet they are top charts.

The later .. some stations just put music according to what they want or what listeners request.

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