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Did you hear about the man that is sueing White Castle?

Asked by john65pennington (29168points) September 12th, 2011

For a while, this stockbroker has been complaining the booths in White Castle Restaurants are too small for his 290 lb. body. Complaints to White Castle only brought him coupons for free hamburgers. Stockbroker has filed a lawsuit in Federal Court alledging that White Castle is in violation the National Americans with Disabilities Act, by not building bigger booths. He compares his situation of obesity to that of pregnant women and is not being treated equally. Question: anxious to hear your comments. Will he win or lose this lawsuit and why?

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Only in America…

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White castle helped create the 290lb body and the least they could do is accomidate him in their seating. They should do what McD’s and BK did and install chairs along with booths that way all can be seated regardless of size or even disablity. I have no clue if he will win but they should get a clue they are part of his problem with his weight.

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This has “First World Problems” written all over it.

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You say he’s a stockbroker, ummm! It’s amazing the many ways people can think to sue someone. I broke a fingernail opening a door at Taco Bell because they don’t have automatic doors….can I sue?!~

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I can’t reach the table in a booth because they are made for extremely heavy people now. Should I sue?

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Well he does have a point. I had a very hard time sitting in booths at the end of my pregnancy. At times I had to sit sideways, it was very uncomfortable… If I only knew I would have sued too…. (sarcasm)

In reality though, when you can win a lawsuit over spilling hot coffee on yourself from a cup that is not properly marked…. then yes you can win a fat man ant fit in a booth argument. Just think, if he were to get in the booth and then become stuck during a fire how dangerous that would be….

Perhaps if they properly mark the booths for peoples of certain waist size it would be more appropriate? Are there chairs in white castle?

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They should get a sign that reads No shirt, No Shoes, Muffin-top, No Service!.

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@KateTheGreat “Only in America does a fatass sue a fast food place for not accommodating his fat ass.” Don’t be too offended by this; I wasn’t the one who said it first, but I laughed.

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No White Castle here. Don’t they have tables? That would be a reasonable accommodation.

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Apparently the NYC White Castle only has booths…I imagine that would be to save space for ordering.
@Judi I was only in one once out of state. It had a long ordering counter and very few tables/booths. It’s supposed to be an old 50’s style burger joint/drive thru where you go in, buy a bag of 25cent burgers (teensy ones—slider size) then take ‘em to your car or house to eat.

Here’s a video of the guy

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They should put up a sign that reads, “If you can’t fit in our booths, you’ve been here too many times”

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He must not be a successful stockbroker to be eating at white castle. Last I checked, actual handicap people often have to make their own accomodations.
Can’t walk bring a wheel chair (one will not be provided for you)
Missing one leg, bring a crutch (again one will not be provided for you)
Can’t speak, write the order down (I know I don’t know sign language)
Can’t speak the language (oh well you better learn or point at the menu really well)
Can’t fit your fat ass at the table (bring your own lounge chair or stop ordering fatty burgers or take it to go, or he can find a comfortable seat in the handicap bathroom stall)
Handicap laws are made to help those really in need. Another idiot trying to milk someone out of money because they are pissed about their condition.
Not everyone who is over weight is because they eat too much. But if this wins, then why don’t we let all the other things win. There are only tiny tot seats. What about the kids who are 4 and 5 and still have to kneel to eat? Why are there no tiny little people tables and chairs? There are no chairs for giant people (really tall), there are no tables for pregnant people, there aren’t many resturants that serve food for diabetics or for people with high blood pressure.
That is because there are options. Eat somewhere else. No one is making this dude eat at white castle. When I don’t like something about an establishment, I simply don’t eat there.
Idiot. And the lawyer who took his case.

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We here at White Castle are deeply concerned with our customers experience satisfaction, and we have developed our booths with bench seats, that not only accommodate our customers fat asses, but ensure that the next customer doesn’t have to deal with a chair that suffered from cheek-overlap, or a chair that had to be pryed out of someones buttocks.
If the booths are a bit too tight for the portly, we have plenty of grease to help in. After all, White Castle invented Sliders!

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Fat people jokes are mean.

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It’s not White Castle’s fault how overweight a person is. One chooses, volunteers to eat fast food. No one has a gun to their head and forces them to eat it. I think this guy who’s suing is really digging at the bottom of the barrel. I have a feeling he’s going to lose.

Most people who are overweight are in a position where they can lose the weight themselves with good old fashioned healthy eating and exercise. Has this guy attempted to lose weight before moaning and complaining about White Castle? Not trying to be mean here, but unless this guy has some sort of medical condition that prevents him from losing weight on his own, then I feel no sympathy for him.

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After checking out the link that @SpatzieLover so kindly provided :)
I’ve got to shake my head when I read that white castle had sent him passes for free burgers as a sort of apology or what not and his response was:

“My wife went and picked up the burgers… because I did not want to set foot into the store,” he told The Post. “Any subsequent trips to the store have been made by my wife—I have been like an outcast.”

Way to not support “the enemy”.............

granted if they said they were going to make the booths bigger, they should have but goddamn.

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If all the booths are to me made larger then they will either have to have fewer seats or, expand the building to accommodate. So if the heavies are going to use up more space they will have to have fewer customers. Maybe put a “big” wing on the side, but then they will get sued for being made to feel like they are fat. If the guy wins he should use the money to get the lapband procedure so he will fit more places.

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I’m very short and the booths are too high for my feet to touch the ground. This injures my disabled arthritic knees. Can I sue too ?

This guy is ridiculous.

I either find a place which has tables and chairs in addition to booths or I don’t eat there.

When all the Friendly’s restaurants on the East coast changed their interior design and the only option was the higher style booths they permanently lost my business even tho their food was really good. I figured it was their loss as I’m not the only short person who finds it extremely uncomfortable to sit with legs dangling.

There are plenty of other places for this idiot to eat.

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Does this person eat anywhere else? Cause he sorta reminds me of Wimpy from Popeye and all he wanted was hamburgers.

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@AshlynM—I have a glandular problem.

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@AshlynM When companies go above an beyone putting things in their food that will addict the consumer of their product then it becomes the fault of the company making the food. Watch the documentary Super Size Me to just get a little understanding of what I am talking about. Sugar is addictive and companies like McD, BK, and WC know this information and put it in their buns, spray it on the lettuce in their salads, mix it in their fries, and the list goes on and on… This then makes people crave this food and need it like a drug making them want more and more of it. Pretty sad if you ask me, this is why I don’t want my children eating this food and try to avoid them being exposed to it. So yes when I see people that eat at places like this that are obese I blame the establishment because they are doing things to the consumer that they didn’t know was happening.

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Giving this guy coupons for free hamburgers is certainly not solving the problem.

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I have maybe 7 0r 8 FF burgers per year and haven’t noticed any withdrawal symptoms. Of course they are spread out so I’m not addicted. For decades the secret has been out that eating out at these places is bad for you. And this guy is in his 60’s so he has no doubt heard the news.

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