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Could someone give me some helpful hints on modifying child support?

Asked by marialisa (464points) September 12th, 2011

On my financial statement to modify child support, it says anything else I would want to say…I know the ex husband is going to read the paperwork. I actually have alot to say, but will it help my situation…
For example, the ex has not followed anything that the expensive divorce decree contains, from having my son every other week to living in the same school district, to notifying me about job changes and more. Please help me.

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Without a lot of emotion, list those issues and show how they cost you more. For instance, if you have to drive your child to his house, and he has moved beyond a reasonable agreed to distance, then it costs you 55 cents per mile (that’s the IRS mileage rate). If you have him because his father did not take him, you have the extra expense of feeding and caring and entertaining your child when the father should be caring for him.

You can list lack of notice of job changes as an obstacle in your finding if support should be increased because of his presumed higher wages.

Good luck!

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Just relate everything to costs and keep the emotion out of it.

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I would list all of the relevant facts. Give arbitrator a reason to give you everything you’d like to get our of the modification.

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Write down what you want to say to him, then have someone that doesn’t know the ex go through and edit the parts that need to be removed or changed. That will help take the emotion out of it.

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