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Rollerblades Vs Rollerskates?

Asked by beware (66points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

What’s better and what are the advantages of either, if any? From a fitness point of view. I used to love skating in my younger days.

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I loved rollerskating on the bumpy concrete sidewalks of New York streets. Roller blades I did one time, and so much fun, but different. I think the skates used more leg muscles. Blades were more like ice skating. Both so much fun. But blades seem like a grown-up sport, and skates, more for kids. I wonder if that is true, or just my experience.

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I play roller hockey so roller rollerblades is what I use

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Disco boogie: roller skates

General sports, fitness, and fun: roller blades

Oh, and if you’re an accomplished roller skater who knows how to skate backwards and then jump up on the toe brakes to stop hard, remember to not do that on roller blades. They don’t have toe brakes, just wheels, so you’ll go right up and over, smashing elbows, knees, and maybe face (said the voice of experience).

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When I lived in NYC I used to roller blade all over the place, including around the loops of Central Park. It was a great workout, and a lot of fun. Now that I live in San Francisco, the giant hills are too much of a deterrent. Plus, and this is key, I’m way too lazy to work out.

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It all depends on what you are going for. I wouldn’t mention the word Rollerblade in front of a roller derby girl, but I value my teeth.
Plus, with skates you got Roller Disco.

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Roller Blades are totally 1994. Roller Skates are back with a vengeance.

Roller Skates. Duh.

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Roller skates. Do you remember rexing?

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ice skates!!!!!

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