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What is your read:answer ratio? And how do you determine what you will answer?

Asked by Blueroses (18248points) September 13th, 2011

Personally, I read a LOT more than I answer. It’s probably 12:1.

If a question has been adequately answered and/or I read the responses and agree, I’ll give GAs and GQs and move along rather than say “I agree.” If it’s a truly great answer and I’m not on the thread, I’ll PM the person to say so rather than add to the thread (in General, anyway).

So, how do you do it? Do you answer everything? Do you read all previous responses before you decide to answer?

Do you read more Fluther questions and responses thoroughly than your response meter would indicate?

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The more interested I am in the question, from a place of, “Wow, I wonder what other people think…” the more likely I am to post.

I am more in the 20:1 range. I read the whole thread before posting if it is short. If the thread is too long to read, I do not participate. I will stop reading everything on a long thread about half way in and just read the posts with large GA counts.

I will occasionally, when participating early in a thread that becomes long, come back in at the end with “I agree with @_.”

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My guess is that I answer about five out of every six questions I read. That is, five out of every six questions whose details I read. I skim lots of questions in my “just for you” bin, and toss about more than half of them. Of the rest, that five out of six estimate is in effect. And yes, I read the whole thread for the most part. If it is really long, I might start skimming. Rarely, I will jump to the end and say what I want to say without reading what others say. I am more likely to do this on questions asking for personal experience, because I don’t need to know what anyone else said to describe my experience.

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Sometimes I read, and hand out GA’s and GQ’s, but if I don’t think I have anything valuable to contribute I will skip it. If I want to learn from the other questioners, I will just follow the question and stalk it.
I probably answer about 10–20% of the questions in my “questions for you” on a good day, and 5–10% on an otherwise busy day. Thank goodness for the iPhone.
Sometimes I read the whole thread, unless I don’t want my answer to be influenced by the other questions. I sometimes get lazy and ask questions without reading the thread and find out that the questions were already answered. Then I feel stupid.

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I read a lot and give out GA’s and GQ’s, and answer if I feel that I can contribute more to the thread. In the lengthy discussions, if it’s been going on for a while or concluded for the most part, I won’t answer. But if I get the jump in early, then yes, I will. I read significantly more than I answer, though, either because I don’t know much about the subject, or don’t take the time to formulate how I’d like to respond.

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oh, just by the by… here’s one of those fluther glitches that are sometimes questioned. When I came in to check my question, my lurve is 2.

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This question I only read.
I am guessing that my ratio is: read 1 out of 3 questions the details, that is, and answer 7 out of 10 questions (that i’ve read).

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I’ve really no idea, I just answer when I I feel the need or a “buzz” whichever is the greater.

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I read alot. I type impulsive angry answers out alot. I only ocasionally post them.

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Odds are about 10:1

I skip questions;
with more than 50 responses
has been answered and needs no further comment
that are stupid. i.e. what flower are you, etc
that sound like homework
medical questions that need to be seen by a live doctor.
that are ridiculously simple

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3,513 responses, 528 question. Holy fuck I’ve been here that long?

Not sure what ratio that would be.

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@Blueroses EVIDENCE!!!!

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I answer most of what I get in Questions for You. The exceptions are things I do not have an answer for; things I do not care to answer (sometimes depends on my mood); or things that there are already a large number of “right” answers, and I cannot add anything to the discussion.

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It’s probably like a 10:1 Ratio.
Sometimes I read the hole thread, and sometimes I just answer.

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@marinelife I think of the Questions for You like a nagging voice in my ear. I know it’s my own fault for not narrowing down my interests but I hardly ever get a Q I want to answer through that filter.

What should I hang on this wall? Don’t know
What should I name my character? Don’t know
How do I do this in iphone? Don’t know

I get more from quickly browsing the 3 categories.

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@Blueroses I have honed my Questions for You so now it delivers pretty much what I like to answer.

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Oh fail, read to answer.

I’d say… ????

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I don’t answer old questions. Almost everything else is fair game. I’ve struggled to answer orphans, only to find that they are orphans for a reason.

Lately I’ve been trying to avoid questions with any sort of religious aroma to them. Not because I don’t have an answer or an opinion.. but because a lot of my answers have been met with an unusual causticity and/or liberal moderation.

My ratio is probably 10 to 1, read/answer.

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4/1. I read more but I try to express what I feel/think too.

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For me, it depends on how much work I have to do on the site. Work first, read and answer later. So, some days, I answer a ton of Qs, and most days, not so many. I do know I read a lot more than I answer, and I usually read the whole thread, whether or not I’m planning to answer. I learn a lot of interesting stuff that way! And also see a lot of stuff that should be modded, too. Then it’s back to work!

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Topic of interest, then who wrote the answer.

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Not much. Don’t even read most of the questions.

Generally, I read most of the answers before posting since Janbb probably said what I wanted while using less profanity.

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I read this question because, 1) as of right now, you are the only person I follow, and 2) I was very interested in the answers, being so new to this site. I am really enjoying the intelligent Q & A. After spending so much time on FB where so many of the statements are either extremely poor in grammar or spelling or are just to idiotic to merit a response!

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@emptynestinco Welcome to Fluther – you’ll fit right in.

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Thank you, very much @Zensky…I think I’ll follow you!

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When you click on the @ sign, wait for the scrolldown that appears – then click on the name you want to talk to. This way, it is highlighted and alerts the person (who may have wandered off) and also helps avoid mis-spelling.:-)

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