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USA Residents: How is the air quality where you live?

Asked by SpatzieLover (24515points) September 13th, 2011

How are you coping with smoke from wildfires? Is your area air at “unhealthy” levels?

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Absolutely clear, crisp and cold as hell

Why yes, I’m in Canada.

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Here in the midst of the Texas wildfires, the air quality has been very poor. We’re getting better each day. During the worst of the fires near Austin (a week ago), folks were advised to stay indoors. Those with respiratory problems were urged to stay indoors.

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@picante I can honestly say I thought something was wrong when I walked outside to let my dogs out this AM. We don’t have any wildfires in Wis, but our air quality is horrible today. Minnesota now has 60,000 acres burning, and the smoke is drifting all over the east side of our state.

It smells toxic, burns your eyes and your throat, too…my UPS driver’s eyes were watering when he came to our door this afternoon. He was feeling nauseated from being out in it.

I have new found epathy for those that live with this annually. :(

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Well, here in the New American Desert (aka. central Texas) it’s been pretty darned hazy seeing as most of the area is on fire.

Would y’all up in the NorthEast please quit hogging all the water?

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@YoBob We’re low on rain, thus the fires are spreading in Minn. Our lawn has huge cracks in it.

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Hope you get some rain as well.

I went for a walk today and noticed that even the cactus are withering and turning brown from lack of water!

About the only thing we are missing around there these days is a bunch of red guys with horns running around with pitchforks!

(Come to think of it, we do have Rick Perry….)

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Good for us here in Illinois.

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I certainly hope it stays that way for you @jonsblond. It’s a bluish haze here, and I live 10 mins from Lake Michigan. I never expected we’d have this much drift. Even when we’ve had localized wildfires, our air hasn’t been this bad.

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It’s okay here in the Los Angeles metro area. Luckily we’ve had very few wildfires this year, although I think CA has led the US in wildfires in past years.

Here’s hoping that you and TX get some rain!

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@YoBob I’d love to send you some of the rain. On the plus side, our air quality is great.

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