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Has a Presidential debate changed your mind about a candidate you supported?

Asked by filmfann (45407points) September 13th, 2011

Have you watched a debate, already in the corner of a candidate, and been completely turned around by them by something they said, or been successfully courted by a rival candidate who gave a better answer?

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Huntsman having the balls to ruin his chances by saying the GOP can’t run from science was pretty awesome to me.

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I was solidly in Hillary Clinton’s camp, until I saw Obama answer a question regarding “Would you torture?”. He gave the right answer, then Hillary answered, and gave the wrong one. It was a game changer for me.

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Not a debate, not. However, I was on the fence in 2008 until McCain announced his running mate… and then went screaming towards the Democrat side of the ticket. So what does the GOP do in 2012? Give us more bat-shit nominees!

Protip for the Conservatives in the audience: Being completely fucking insane may unite your base behind you, but it scares the shit out of many of us in the middle. I may come across as a Liberal and a Democrat, but the truth is that I just can’t bring myself to vote for an escapee from the loonie bin!

That said, I might get my mind changed if they let Buddy Roemer into the debates. By that, I mean that I might start having respect for the GOP. Then again, the last Republican debate seemed to focus solely on Perry and Romney. I could almost hear Ron Paul screaming, “Hey, I’m right here!” just to remind people that those two were not the only candidates on the stage.

Had I actually expected any better, that last debate would’ve changed my mind though. It would’ve made me think that the GOP cares more about ideology than what is best for America, is actually clinically insane, and is unlikely to nominate anybody better than someone with whom I disagree on many things and who I feel is a bit wishy-washy and weak. However, I had low enough expectations that I was actually surprised to be disappointed when the field failed to even meet those.

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I’m pretty liberal in my beliefs but I haven’t voted Liberal for years now. The candidate that intrigued me the most in 3 or 4 elections was Giles Duceppe a sovereigntist from Quebec. His party was only in Quebec but if he decided to run for a truly federal party I may have heavily considered voting for him. All this was because of how he answered questions in our debates.

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@jerv Yeah, Buddy Roemer could be a game changer. Very interesting candidate.

@tranquilsea I like Duceppe, too… but I was pleased as punch to see the province turn orange in the last election. ;)

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No. I’ve sometimes watched those things fascinated more by who all might be involved in contributing to the finished presentation. Not since I was a little kid have I believed what is said/presented in these spectacles.

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