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Are friends replaceble?

Asked by DylanMueller (205points) September 13th, 2011

So today I was talking to my friend and he told me the difference between him and I was that I take too much BS from people and he doesn’t, also that he thinks “All my friends are replaceable”. Do you think this is wrong or ignorant of him to say or am I just being silly right now?

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Interesting. As soon as I read your question, I remembered a poem my dad used to always have on his desk under the glass. Haven’t seen it in years, but dontcha know now, we find all the things from our past on the web. Here it is

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I had many different friends throughout my life. I hold many of them in great esteem but we just grew apart. Of my best friends, though, I still talk to all of them no matter the time or distance.

I wouldn’t say they are replaceable but I would say that if I needed new friends I could find them.

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yes, throughout life you will gain and loose friends. some will leave, some will fade, some will change interest. some will just disappear into the past. New friends will come into your life, some for a short time, some long term. It is just a part of life’s cycle

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I’m with @DrBill on this one.

I’ve lost many friends over the years, not a few of them to death. I’ve always managed to find new friends, but the old ones leave their footprints on your heart for all time.

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I’ll say yes. Having close friends for a very long time is very special, but it is always possible to make new friends. It sounds like your friend might cast out people too easily, and maybe you are loyal when it is not warranted? But, I don’t really know either of you, so I am not really sure what is going on there.

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Close friends are in no way replaceable. Acquaintances, yeah, they’re a dime a dozen, but having a close friend you can tell anything to is invaluable. And if you can say this about multiple people, then you are in a very good place in life, no matter how it may seem.

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No. Each one is unique. Each is special, Geography, time, and life experiences take friends away from each other, but the memories are still there. I’ve only had one friend tell me that she didn’t like to hold on to the past. I stopped writing, but I haven’t forgotten her. She obviously was less affected by our friendship than I was. And that’s okay. I know I’ve disappointed friends by losing them, but that’s how life goes. Still, no new friend replaces another that’s gone. It’s just different.

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Does he think he has some better friends for you, ready to go? I don’t know this guy. Maybe he could have some different ideas what friends are or what their criteria should be.

From what he said there, it’s apparent he thinks you are malleable and is manipulating you possibly.

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My best friend now is also my wife, and she definitely is irreplacable.

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I wouldn’t say replaceable. You can loose some, and gain some, but each individual is unique. I don’t look at any of my closest friends now and think they are a total replacement for my close friends growing up. That’s not to say I’d trade them, just that everyone brings different things to the table.

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I think you can find another friend that will make you just as happy as another friend did, but it seems pretty unlikely that you’ll find a friend who you feel the exact same way around and can enjoy doing the exact same things with. Everyone will affect your life in a different way, but that doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to find someone you like just as much.

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I always say it takes one to know one. Also, when one is pointing a finger, three fingers…

I think what your friend said speaks volumes of him, and his views on friendship – nothing on yours… unless you agree.

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Do what you want to accomplish in your heart. Surely, you’ll lose your friends over time.

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Quite possibly, or….........

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Some are,some are not.

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Ditto @lucillelucillelucille.

This guy might be a jealous asshole who doesn’t like your set of nice friends and maybe he’s a decent chap who is annoyed by your set of less than nice/decent friends- maybe he thinks you’re wasting your time with them. Maybe he knows something you don’t about them. It could be either way.

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