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No date to homecoming and really want to go. What to do?

Asked by 15barcam (751points) September 13th, 2011

Please don’t say that I should just go alone or with some friends because my school is one of those schools where thats considered super lame. I guess what I’m really asking is how can I get the guy I like to ask me without being a creep.

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I think you’re just going to have to ask him. That’s what one of my girls did, and it worked. :)

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Have a back up plan. like, a close guy friend not from school who you can go with incase it doesn’t workout with this guy.

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You’re in a do or die situation. Look the guy in the eye, smile, tell him to go with you. Don’t ask him, tell him to. Like this. ::smiling:: go with me with to the dance, and stay smiling.

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Just ask. Why is it the guys have to face rejection? Have a taste of it yourself.

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It’s the 21st Century, girl! Take your destiny in your own hands and ask the boy!

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Do you have a brother?? Ask one of his friends if you do….. If you don’t have a brother how about one of your friends do they have a brother??? Why not ask them if they can ask their brother to take you… There are other options such as above of going the round about way doing it if you are too afraid of asking a guy out on a date but you want to keep in mind that they aren’t dates just going as friends.

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Just ask already!!!!

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What other choice do you have but to ask him then?

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Would you think he was a creep if he asked you? No.

Then why would he think less of you for asking him?

…And if he does, find someone better.

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I’ll go.

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If you are too shy to verbally ask him to escort you, then leave a note in one of his school books and see what happens.

You may be surprised at the outcome.

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At every school for all of history it’s been considered “lame” to go to homecoming by yourself or with your friends.

But I can tell you what’s lamer than that: not doing what you want to do just because of what a bunch of folks that you don’t even like might think.

In reality, no one is keeping track of who showed up with whom. So, go and enjoy your friends that are there.

In my opinion, homecoming, prom, the Enchantment Under the Sea Dance, or whatever might be a tough consideration for a first-ever date. People tend to build up all kinds of expectations, plus it can be expensive depending on how gussied up everyone is. I’d think the chances of getting a second date after that would be slim.

If you can, get a first date accomplished before homecoming. It doesn’t even have to be a real first date. Do you guys share a class? Can you meet to study? Or does he have an after-school job where you can drop by and say hi? The point is, find some kind of shared experience with which to break the ice, introduce yourself. Make conversation and learn more about each other. You can probably find a natural way then to bring up homecoming or some other romantic outing.

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Question: Do you really like the guy, and want to date him, or do you just want to go to the dance because it would be socially damaging not to go? In other words, which is more important, Homecoming or the guy?

If the guy is more important, then ask him. I would have assumed that a girl really liked me if she asked me to a major school dance (assuming we weren’t casual friends to begin with).

If the dance is more important, then ask a casual friend. Tell him you want to go to the dance, and you thought it might be fun to go together. Keep it casual.

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I agree with @GladysMensch. Just ask a guy friend if you don’t want to go as a group. Not everyone who goes to homecoming with a date is actually dating that person.

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Just ask him. :P
Keep us posted on how everything turns out:)

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I asked guy friends to go…And they asked me back ;) You’ll never know how things will go in life unless you do stuff to make it happen.

Find out from friends of yours (preferably guys) who wants to go but is too shy to ask. I had several guy friends that were uber shy.

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Either ask the guy yourself, or go stag. Sorry.

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What’s lame isn’t going to homecoming by yourself, it’s homecoming itself.

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By the way, tons of people go to dances in groups. As @robmandu says, somebody’s going to think that’s lame. Screw them, and do what you want.

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How much do you like this guy? Is he known as a nice guy that has nice female/male friends?
What are his friends like at school? Are they a nice group?

Why do I ask? Well, if he’s a smart ass guy with a bunch of pricks for friends then if he’s not made any interest in you and you ask him out, they’re all going to make fun of you. For real.

Kids aren’t that nice to each other in high school, not that I see. They torment each other in order to seem important when in school and now have online outlets to tease and torment anyone they don’t accept/include to have the same level of clout they give to themselves.

If he’s a nice guy, take your chance and ask him but you’d probably have a much better time with a platonic friend. School dances are expensive too, are you prepared to pick up the costs of taking this guy?

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Just ask the guy to go to prom with you. Don’t be scared. If he says no, ask someone equally cute.

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Dang absent today! And I was so ready to ask to! Just answer everyone’s questions, he IS a really nice guy, not super popular or anything but not a total dork either, just like me. I’ve known him for a REALLY long time but we’ve never been close friends or anything. I do know that he has shown an intrest recently, at least a larger one then normal, but that could just be him being friendly. And I like the guy more than I’m worried about going to the dance. Our school dances are pretty “bad” anyway and only the (for lack of a better word) sluts actually “dance”. Its more just one of those things where you go just to say you went and leave nice and early. Now that I think about it, I guess I’d rather go with him to the movies or something then to this dance because he might get the wrong idea! I can’t believe it took twenty five comments for me to get that going to a dance with a guy and dating him are two different things! Wow that was pathetic!

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@15barcam glad to hear you’re head has been cleared up. ;)
Keep us posted, once you ask him? :D

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