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How can I enlarge the pages on my screen?

Asked by peggylou (1136points) June 20th, 2007

I have just transferred from my PC to my powerbook. But the mac screen is much smaller and harder to read than the pc. How can I fix it?

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on a macbook, you can hold the "control" key and slide two fingers up and down the touchpad to zoom in and out. im not sure if this works on older versions of Mac OS, though.

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under the apple menu, choose "system preferences". from there, click "displays". you will be presented with a list of different screen resolutions to use. experiment with those.

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I find this frustrating as well. Pressing the Apple key and the Plus key will let you increase the font size on web pages. You can press apple-minus to go smaller.

If you're doing stuff other than browsing the internet, you will need to change settings in those programs individually. Or you can do what samkusnetz suggests above, but sometimes the alternate resolutions are kind of blurry.

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