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Can I get the Stop button back on Firefox?

Asked by Zaku (26939points) September 14th, 2011

I tend to use Firefox, and I tend to let it update, so I’ve got the latest version, and it does not seem to have a Stop button. Is there a way for me to get a Stop button to show up.

By Stop button, I mean a button that will stop the browser loading a new page, so that if I accidentally click a link, or for whatever reason, want a page load in progress to stop, it will.

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The “reload” button automatically turns into the “stop” button if the page is still being loaded. If you want to have a separate button, though, you need to go to the toolbar customization thing, don’t remember where it was, and drag the button over to your toolbar.

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Aha! Thanks very much!

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If you are old-school though, try Toolbar Buttons

I find this add-on essential, as I have since it first came out. It will allow you to keep separate Stop and Reload buttons if you so desire for whatever reason and SO much more.

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Try spacebar.

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I just hit the Esc key.

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Just hit the refresh button again.

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Just hit Alt + F4.

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Trying now on Linux, neither the spacebar nor the Esc key stop the page load.
The red X which replaces the reload graphic during page loading works, as does finding the setting to customize the buttons. Alt+F4 closes all of Firefox, which is good to know but isn’t what I wanted.

Thanks for the Toolbar buttons link jerv. Wow, those are a lot of buttons.

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