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Morning sickness at 13 weeks?

Asked by tan235 (877points) September 14th, 2011

Hi all,
So it’s me again.
I just have a question, I have been feeling ickly this whole pregnancy I’m now 13 weeks, I have not vomited nor do I think I will, just a general food poisioning feeling in my tummy constantly.
Does this sound normal?
This is my first pregnancy and outside of my partner (male) I don’t have any supportive female ex pregnant friends, I“m the first so I don’t really know what’s normal or not.

Thanks so much – for the record I’m not overly concerned, but just wondering if this is normal as it’s been going on for 13 weeks with no sign of easing up.

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Yup. Normal. For some it lasts longer than others. Have you discussed your options with your doctor? Have you followed our past recommendations (Cheerios/B6)?

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Perfectly normal. Some women are just queasy and “sick” feeling without actually vomiting.

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Hey @SpatzieLover, yeah I have, I’ve been spotting and cramping but everything is fine – taking it easy and not over reacting… :)
Seriously scouts honor.
Things are great, would be nice to join a mum’s group or something though, so I can share stories without sounding so paranoid all the time!!

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very normal

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While I was pregant and once I had my babe, I found the Dr. Sears helpful @tan235.

I can’t recall a forum that I used with regularity that was useful.

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I threw up every morning for nine months both times. Two wonderful, healthy babies. It’s not fun but it’s not abnormal.

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@janbb did you throw up but feel normal afterwards?!
I could handle that I think – this is like a constant ache in my belly, sick feeling, oh honestly I’m not meaning to complain…. It’s just not a nice feeling!

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@tan235 I never threw up wait…there were a couple of times I did but I never felt good during my pregnancy. Supposedly I was lucky to not have my migraine last every day of my 40 weeks…Whoo-hoo. Instead, the migraine lastest until week 28. :(

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yeah wow, so intriguing isn’t it, in my mind pregnancy was a piece of cake! ha ha….. obviously this is my first pregnancy.

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How does anyone think pregnancy is going to be a piece of cake? Didn’t the women around you ever share stories?

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To be honest only birthing stories…. not really any trimester stories and I must have just been oblivious to it if they did…still it’s pretty damn amazing isn’t it!!!!

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It is normal, and it also will probably subside in the next few weeks. Although, as janbb reports, not every time. This is a ride, your body is doing something and you are really as much an observer as anything,

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I thought you said in your last question that you had been pregnant before?

Everyone I know that experienced morning sickness, experienced it early in the pregnancy. For some it lasted the duration of the pregnancy, for others it faded out pretty quickly.
Stop worrying so much.

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