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What is a good term for a vodka rep?

Asked by judochop (16119points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

this will be my title on my business card

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The person who helps make fun start

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Vodka. It will f**k you up.

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poison slinger, purveyor of smooth, clear spirit purveyor, alchemy supplier, “a dealer in clean spirits”, enjoyment philanthropist…

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ha ha “Spirit Advisor”

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YES! That’s totally brilliant.

If I ever tend bar again I’m totally gone throw that one around.

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“a dealer in clean spirits” totally inspired it….so raise your right hand….AND PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK ;)

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Hell, it might be cool to have a few in your pocket and not seem like a one trick pony.

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I am going with the purveyor of smooth.

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Well you are a smooth character.

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firewater facilitator

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Judochop: be very careful using a name here. It could come back to bite you in the legal balls.

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I see no legal issue other than a potential for trademark infringement, in which case, you simply drop the moniker. I would think that the alcoholic industry would tire of booze jokes and that a professional no-nonsense approach would inspire confidence. I’d skip the whimsy and adopt a sober slogan.

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tater tonic trader

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Potato Whiskey Wizard!

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@psyla: it is intended to be loose. The spirits industry has enough uptight, no nonsense people. Finally bartenders will have a rep that they can relate to. Thank you for your insight though. I would agree with you if it were people my fathers age that I was interested in meeting for a drink. Cheers!

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Vladimir pukin

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“With you in spirits”

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“basically I’m the shit” or “the reason parties dont suck”

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