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What mixs well with watermelon?

Asked by 42below (4points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

What flavor works best with watermelon?

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@peedub: I love the lime/salt/chili combo. Lime/salt/fennel seed is good too.

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That sounds really interesting. You could make a drink with the watermelon/vodka/lime/fennel and rim it with salt [or not]. I bet it would be good. It sounds refreshing as well.
You could even grind fennel and salt into a fine dust and rim it with that.

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Try the feijoa. Come get me when you mix it.

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More watermelon…?

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Cut up watermelon with fresh basil It’s beautiful and delicious. An unexpected taste experience.

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How about a naked person of your choice?

Works well with strawberries.

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I agree with richmarshall. First, take a large watermelon, a knife, & a quart of vodka into an empty field, as this can get quite messy. Carve a corkhole into the watermelon. Insert the bottle into the corkhole & wait for the quart to download. Your snack can now be served. Slice pieces of watermelon from the top. Don’t mind if vodka spills out here and there. Eat as much as possible.

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Diced watermelon, cucumbers, currents, Feta, Pomegranate Vinaigrette (blended oil, red wine vinegar and pomegranate juice),

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@S54— That sounds like something I could eat all summer long.

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