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Are women who get breast implants generally happy with the choice a few years after?

Asked by finkelitis (1907points) May 7th, 2008

Is is a positive or a negative in their lives in the long term?

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It depends upon man they are with.

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I have never met a woman that was happy with it—unless they did it for themselves.

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I think it’s incredibly rare that a woman would have enhancements for herself. My suspicion would be pressure from a SO or self esteem/ self image problems.

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I’ve known plenty that are happy; I don’t have to guess at it.

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I’ve met quite a few who had them. They’re happy for a year or two and then seem to stop liking it very much. I’ve heard a lot about loss of sensation and having to get them replaced.

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And what about nursing after implants? Does it make a difference? I too have heard about loss of sensation.

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I would say how well of a job you get done, like you might have to fork up an above average cost for it to be really good.

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I have a couple friends who have them. They both still love them many years later and got them because of self-esteem/post-children body issues.

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I’ve wanted them for years, through various partners, simply because I love boobs! My husband is actually not so sure, so I’m kind of talking him into it.

What about rhinoplasty? Are people generally happy with that?

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All I keep hearing is that they lose sensation. Reason enough not to do it right there!

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That depends… are you talking about women who do it for cosmetic reasons (either vanity or to please someone else)... or women who have reconstructive procedures? (like after a mastectomy?)

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