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What is the difference between a bistro, diner, cafe, trattoria, and restaurant?

Asked by buster (10239points) May 7th, 2008
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. . . Usually not much

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Good answers guys.

Well, they’re all restaurants.

A diner. I usually open long hours and usually have a California menu, which means you can order breakfast, lunch or dinner at anytime. Diners are designed to be more affordable and quick, get ya in get ya out service.

A Cafe is restaurant that is designed for serving just coffee and beverages like that. They might have a few little snack foods that go with the coffee. People usually spend a lot time there chatting and drinking their coffee. They more low turnover then diners.

Trattoria is an Italian style restaurant that more like a diner, with the casually service and affordable food.

Bistos is also like diner. Quick affordable food. They usually have European fair.

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They’re all ‘eateries’, but the name will give you an indication of it’s theme, formality, price, menu and opening hours. Café‘s and Bistro’s being more prone to serve a la carte all day, whereas a restaurant typically has a breakfast/lunch/dinner menu.
A Diner (at least to me) is typically American themed (Captain America is the first example that comes to mind), a Trattoria Italian, and a Café French….these are kinda loose, but there can be those differences too.

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