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Can you help me tackle this bear in my dreams?

Asked by jonsblond (43426points) September 15th, 2011

I’ve had a dream the past two nights about a Grizzly Bear chasing and attacking me and my family. It was very vivid and I’m afraid I’m going to have this dream again.

Can you give me some ideas that will help me not dream about this bear tonight?

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Like theme to Yogi Bear, maybe?

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Bring a shotgun with you this time :)

I did a little googling and it seems that dreams about grizzly bears generally represent the need to protect someone, in this case your family. Is there something stressing you in real life that you feel you might need to protect your family from?

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Maybe the bear is a subconscious representation of @blondesjon?

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Talk out with someone what is causing you stress right now. The bear represents someone or something that endangers your family. So, something causing you to feel insecure or worried about the well being of your family, or your ability to fight for their happiness and well being.

I get reoccurring dreams like that when I have to deal with doctors who are not making me well, not taking me seriously, and putting me through procedures.

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you are dwelling on the bear, put the bear behind you

The drifters make everything ok:

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Ask for a better dream (as in put your request out to whatever higher power you feel connected to). I did this and found myself turning and facing down the source of conflict in my dream (which surprised me, because I thought I was going to get just a nicer dream in general, not the same similar dreams with a different me).

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@Yetanotheruser Well, he does need to shave. lol

@abysmalbeauty Other than financial problems, our family is doing great. I can’t think of anything our family needs protection from.

Our dog Bear has been giving me problems lately. He chases after some animal here on the farm at night when I let him out to pee. He’ll disappear for a bit, then return. Maybe that has something to do with it?

silly dreams, but they are scary

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@jonsblond are there any other characters or elements that stand out- are you in a particular place?

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@jonsblond Why do you dismiss the financial problems? That could easily be it. Financial difficlties are typically incredibly stressful, I know what it is like.

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@abysmalbeauty We are vacationing in the mountains in my dream, what looks like Colorado (we live in western Illinois) In the dream it’s a large chalet the bear enters and I’m trying to find a place in the chalet where we can hide.

@JLeslie You are probably right.

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@jonsblond Hopefully the dream will subside quickly. Reoccurring nightmares are actually what get me to go to therapy. Meaning when they start up, and go on for weeks (I hope yours don’t last weeks, sometimes mine just happen for a few days) I finally wind up going to therapy to talk things out during the day so my brain does not have to talk it out during my sleep. At least that is how I look at it. The nightmares are awful. Mine is usually someone chasing me, I get beaten, or knifed or shot.

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Make peace with this bear when it comes again. You are afraid of what you do not understand. Soon your intimidation will melt into consideration. Good luck

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@jonsblond Again the chalet represents protection and security and the fact that you are in the mountains leads to believe that you are working towards success. If you have the dream tonight turn around and ask the bear why he is chasing you and what it is you need to do. The dream should stop then.

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Let me know if it works…talking to the bear.

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If talking don’t work, just shoot it with a big gun.


Is there something in your real life that is as scary and threatening as the bear? If you can pinpoint what that is and try to deal with it, even mentally, your bear will eventually turn into a little teddy bear. You might also want to tell yourself before you go to bed that you “hope” the bear will show up in your dreams again tonight. Don’t fight the fear that you will dream it again. Accept it and even allow it to come. Sometimes when we try to fight something, it gets worse. This is especially true when it comes to the mind.

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Have you tried turning to face the bear? Maybe it’s not as scary as you think. Are you fighting it in your dream, or running away?

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For a moment I thought we were talking about gay dreams again…

My advice is to load up on movies that have nothing to do with bears, just before you go to sleep. The movies Saw and Silence of the lambs have nothing to do with bears, go with that, im sure they will give you sweet dreams.

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Insert Tarzan into this dream & he’ll soon sort grizzly out. Probably become pals & play leap frog & shit.

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I feel for you! I had dreams about bear attacks for a very long time.
What I finally did was tell myself before I went to sleep that I would “take care of” any bear that I dreamt about.
Sure enough,I dreamt about a bear attack and kicked some ass.It was a lucid dream and I was able to control what I did.
The strange thing was when the bear said to me that I couldn’t punch worth shit!
I woke up laughing.
—I don’t get bothered by bears much anymore.:)

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There is some kind of dream/sleep techniques (maybe it’s called lucid dreaming, not sure) in which you consciously decide, while you’re awake, how you will tackle a problem. So before you go to sleep each night, think of what you want to do. If it were me, I would want to turn around and face the bear, and have the bear suddenly turn into Winnie the Pooh or Baloo from the Jungle Book. Then I’d talk to the bear and have a nice cup of tea or something like that.

I think if you decide what you want to do, before you go to sleep and then make sure you are in a nice relaxed state before you go to bed (wind down about an hour or so before you go to sleep and talk that hubby of yours into giving you a foot massage) this bear will either disappear altogether or you’ll end up liking him, after all. Maybe you’ll end up doing a dance and singing “The Bare Necessities”!

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@Kardamom Just be sure to wave your wand first, and say “Riddikulus!” :D

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@dappled_leaves Oh My! That would be awesome to have Alan Rickman appear to me in my dreams!!!

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How did it go last night?

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It wasn’t a bear last night. It was a clan of inbred hillbillies that were after me this time. Seriously.

In my dream my husband left for work, I sent my kids off to school, then I went to take a nap. I woke up to someone crawling into bed with me. I freaked out and called 911 on my cell phone. I was trying to talk but no sound was coming out of my mouth. Then two more people entered my bedroom. Suddenly my house was filled with these people and I tried to escape to my neighbor’s house.

Then I woke up. :/

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Scary! That must have totally freaked you out.

Do you feel like there is someone in your life right now who you need help from, but they aren’t helping? Or, you are not asking for help when you need it? Afraid to ask?

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@jonsblond Don’t worry, that was just us Jellies : P

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Dream-vacation at the beach instead. If you dream about sharks, get back to us.

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@jonsblond you must have sent your dreams to me, the Grizzly wasn’t chasing me, but he was standing on my porch not letting anyone in or out.

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