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Mayweather v. Ortiz. Boxing fans, who do you think will win.

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) September 17th, 2011

As stated, and why do you think that….

Im really excited to watch this fight. It should be great.

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On paper it looks like Ortiz should take him, but for some reason I think Mayweather will prevail. No idea why, but the idea is there.

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Ortiz has the advantage on age (24 vs Mayweathers 34), reach (2” more), and the fact he is a southpaw.
Mayweather hasn’t fought in 16 months, and that is a long layoff.
On paper, it looks like Ortiz, but let’s go to video.
Ortiz likes to hit what isn’t moving. All of Mayweather moves.
Mayweather is unconventional. Ortiz hasn’t fought someone like that, so hopefully he has trained against someone who can emulate Mayweathers pattern.
Ortiz isn’t as quick as Mayweather, so if Mayweather has good movement, he will take Ortiz.
An all-you-can-eat pancake stack at Dennys says Mayweather.
Look for it in round 4.

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“Pretty boy” probably on points.

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I sure as hell hope so.

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I think if Ortiz dictates the fight from the get-go, then he has a chance but mayweather, is so damn fast. .. Mayweather obviously has a hell of a lot more experience, but ortiz is younger, and “hungry”....... should be good.

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well. just got home from watching the fight and all I have to say is I can not believe it went down how it did holy shit. maybe the mob had something to do with it?

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Pacquiao. I’ve never seen a boxing match myself but more house pets are betting on him.

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And Ms. @KateTheGreat just won a $1,500 bet.

Yay me.

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oh shit!

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@MrPORCUPINE pacquiao didnt fight…

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My skunk friend says Pacquiao will win if they were all put in the ring together. But I have great doubts. My friend, most often he stinks.

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@MrPORCUPINE You are the weakest troll to ever grace this site.

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Hey, @filmfann ! Good call on saying Mayweather in the 4th! How could you be that good?
Looks like pancakes for breakfast!

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haha ya, @filmfann , that’s nuts.
Im still shaking my head.

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@boxer3 Shaking your head? Did Ortiz head-butt you too?

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@filmfann haha no- that was also ridiculous but I think it was cheapshot from mayweather. technically fair- I guess but not really credible as a person, and not what I think boxing stands for- oh well negative and positive energy both will fuel mayweather, and he does his thing…

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