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Do you find it easier to praise or criticise?

Asked by Lightlyseared (32724points) September 17th, 2011

When giving feedback do you find it easier find fault or pick out what was done well.

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Praise. After two children, three grandchildren, one great grandchild and countless dogs, I have learned that all the above respond more favorably to praise, rather that being critical.

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To point out a positive is empowering. However, to be real, and truly honest with someone with whatever they are working on, to get better, either as an athlete, musician, anything a weakness must be brought to attention and thats where being critical may be valid. Balance is the key, but always start with the positive to have something to build upon. But I find it much easier to point out a positive to answer your question, knowing what is good, also gives me a good depth of understanding what can be bad.

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Having been a teacher, trainer and manager, I’ve learned to watch for the good things that people do. And then to praise those things in a way that is specific, individualized, sincere and unconditional. I find that much easier to do than to fault-find and nitpick. That doesn’t mean that I didn’t address issues that needed work; simply that I found it easier to do.

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I find it easier and more effective to praise. But most effective of all is to praise and then criticize. Saying something you like before saying something you don’t like makes people less defensive.

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Praise. I rarely feel comfortable giving negative feedback because I don’t usually feel that I’m in the place to give it. If someone is asking for help and I can give polite and constructive criticism I don’t mind giving it though.

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criticism reeks of disrespect no matter where it comes from. I always congratulated my employees for jobs well done, gave raises to those who excelled and released those who were unproductive. That philosophy saved me a lot of ulcers and it resulted in happy employees.

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