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How do you help a friend?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (33448points) September 17th, 2011

When you have a friend in need, whether it be emotional, mental, physical, monetary, or spiritual, how do you help? Are you the kind to pitch in and help with material matters like cleaning and cooking and taking care of things?

Are you the kind who hugs and embraces letting the sufferer know they are not alone? Do you listen long to the stories surrounding the situation?

What lengths will you go to helping a friend?

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The sky is the limit on helping my friends. Friends are priceless.

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I will do anything for my good friends regardless of what they need.

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Well in my spare time & during some holidays if I’m not away, I decorate for friends, do Diy, gardening & have been known to baby sit…. :-/
My friends would never need to ask for money but if they did, I’d help them out as best I could……….
I’m basically there if they need me.

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When I’ve been in proximity then yes, I’ve done several of those things. I don’t mind my friends to talk it out or to let themselves cry awhile. All of this passes eventually so I feel I might as well be of comfort when it’s needed, if I can be.

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All of the above and anything else they need.

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I hear them out sometimes they just need to let it out and have someone else hear them so they know they are not cookoo in the membrain.

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It depends how close I’m with that friend, if they are close friends yes I will do that to help out.

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I’ve loaned money, donated money, cooked and delivered meals, cleaned houses, helped people move, let them moan and groan about their man troubles, driven them to the doctor, photographed their events, helped them read menus/books/bills/e-mails, house sat for them, made cookies/soup/muffins/salads for them, created helpful home use medical forms for them, passed along recipes, painted houses, helped re-landscape, done their laundry, let them sleep over, given them massages, given them address/contact lists, passed along job info, and tooted their horns.

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However they need to be helped. I’d do whatever I could within my means and abilities.

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I’m a all in one. If they need help around the house or money I help with that. If they need kind words/hugs I give them what they need/want.

I will do anything to improve a relationship even if it’s not a close friend. This way I can show them I do care about that relationship so they know they can count on me. [If I don’t do it or they don’t start it who’s gonna take the extra mile for that friendship to work?] Sometimes I;m a bit of an ass but oh well we all have our downsides.

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I’ll try to help in any way I can if I am able. If I know I can’t help, just being there (if I can be and if they’ll let me) and being supportive is the least I can do.

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I would do anything for my friends. What would life be without your “besties”?

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