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Would you donate to charity online, or only by phone call, or direct mail?

Asked by kelly (1918points) May 7th, 2008

Make the Difference Network launched this week as a “social-network” site where one can donate via the internet without any percentage kept by fundraiser. feels that today the way to give is via internet, do you agree?

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What’s the difference? Don’t most, or at least many, pay there bills online?

I guess the question is really how would one find out about something like this? Where is it advertised, sites like this?

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sorry “their”

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yea….actually that’s a great idea!
I don’t normally entertain telemarketers of any kind – charity or others. Honestly I prefer the less pushy approaches. I don’t mind giving, but it shouldn’t be because someone’s talking me in to it, but because I see something worth giving to, so I think web-based is perfect!! – as long as you can verify their credentials, of course.

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I donated my Infiniti Q45 to the “Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Foundation,” better known as “The ALS Foundation.” Gary, my boyfriend was diagnosed with this paralyzing and always fatal disease. I did this by going on line. It was quick and easy! But more importantly, I felt really good after doing so…

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One summer when I was home from college I worked US P.I.R.G. (US Public Interest Research Group) who was working under contract for the Chesapeake Bay Foundation (A really excellent organization by the way). US P.I.R.G. is a great organization, but I was honestly a bit disenchanted when I learned that I would receive a massive percent commission (I think like 30–45% or something like that) of the money being donated by the people I was soliciting door-to-door. It was an awful job and I didn’t stay for more than maybe 6 weeks or so and ended up making less than minimum wage when I did the math. But I also realized of the money left over, my field manager would receive a commission, as well as the office/region coordinator, and I’m fairly certain that U.S. P.I.R.G. itself was getting something from it as well. This is a total guess, but I would think that about 25–30% of the money people donated to save the bay was actually going to save the bay.

I had a friend who worked for a telemarketing firm during college and he said his group got massive commissions on the money collected for a police-related charity. So from personal experience, and through inside knowledge gleaned from friends, I would have to say that the manner in which you give plays a significant role in how much of your funds actually go towards the charity you intend it to. I’m not sure about commission rates on internet contributions, but I give directly when I want to contribute to a charity.

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And then how will the poor make money?

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