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Does anyone remember "Eep Snörpish Now"? Maybe a NOLA thing?

Asked by kevbo (25634points) May 7th, 2008 from iPhone

I remember these flyers posted on telephone poles in New Orleans in the late 80s early 90s that said “Can you say Eep Snörpish Now?” Obviously, it’s haunted me for some time. What the hell was that anyway?

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I must have seen the same thing somewhere before 1985 because I painted those exact words (even with the ”ö”) on the bell of my Sousaphone (playing in the Stanford Band.) I have been going to Jazz Fest since 1980 so I possibly could have seen it in New Orleans at some point.
When I recently sold the horn the buyer asked about it – I thought I had seen it in some underground comic book, but I may have been wrong.

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Wow. I never thought I’d get an answer (even a vague one). I wonder what the hell that was. I was too young for the clubs at the time. How interesting. Thanks!

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I remembered that I took some pics of the horn before I sold it – I just went to look at them. I spelled it “Ep Snorpish Now” (without the ”ö”) but it was painted in 1985, just before a major reunion of the LSJUMB. I could post a pic to flickr if you want.

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If it’s not any trouble, why not? And thanks again.

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Wow! Again I never thought I’d get a hit. How interesting.

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Eep Snorpsh Now (umlaut over the “o” and no “i”)

I remember the signs being all over the New Orleans university area in the early-80s.

Apparently, there was a local “white pop jive band” (self description) by the name of Raffeys (headed by Thomas “Raff” Sanchez). This was the title of their 1984 album.

Songs from the album still get airplay on WTUL.

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Wow! Great answer. I was too young to be in on that scene at the time, but wondered about that forever. Thanks!!!

Album cover

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We printed up 1000’s of that flyer and stapled and glued them to any pertinent pole in the NOLA area to promote the release of same LP. Shortly thereafter I took a trip to NYC to promote the record and the rest of the band headed west to LA. I joined them after I returned to NOLA, driving ‘Sluggo’, our Tom’s Chips truck that we used to carry our PA system. Lots of great stories from that move; most notable was the night (new years eve 1984/85) we stormed the Hollywood sign and with 165 bedsheets all sewn and dyed as needed we changed the letters to read ‘RAFFEYSOD’. We wanted to get the record companies’ attention (just like the other 100 bands that arrive to LA every week). It was all mischief, nobody got hurt (thanks to the fact that I invested in 2 mountain climbing harness for me and Max Chain, of which saved my ass when one of the big letters filled with wind coming over the mountain almost toppled us and a rope broke, knocking me off the top of the ‘W’.) We were broke musicians but buying the harnesses saved me.

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It was also written on bridges in NYC. Loved it!

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I remember the huge white paint rolled out “eep shorpish now” on the old train bridge on your way to metarie from Nola. It was there my whole life and I always wondered what it meant. I even woke up from dreams when I was a kid saying it. My parents thought I was nuts and they were right. Haha.

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I Definitely remember
Eep Snorpish Now nicely
Graffiti ed on the railroad
Bridge right near Metairie road
It was there for a long time.wish I could find a picture of that.
Ha Ha

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