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MACI surgery of the knee?

Asked by erint23 (35points) September 18th, 2011

I would be going under MACI surgery sometime at the end of this year, and was wondering if anyone of you had done MACI before and what do you think? How long was your recovery rate? Any advice prior to MACI as well as advice for post MACI surgery? Thank you.

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Read this hope it helps…... :-/

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This is a pretty specialized procedure. Here is what one source says:

“The second stage involves implanting the chondrocyte cells that have been
seeded onto the collagen membrane into the defect in the knee via knee surgery. A post operative hospital stay of approximately 2–4 days will generally be required following surgery. The patient is then discharged wearing a protective knee brace and using two crutches.

The rehabilitation process for MACI should begin prior to surgery, as patients
need to be physically and mentally prepared for their operative procedure and the
lengthy rehabilitation process. Patient education is essential, as the integrity of the
chondrocyte repair must be protected.”


Good luck!

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thanks guys! Still a little worried about this but on top of that, the surgeon is also thinking of doing a meniscus transplant for me but I read that 21% – 55% of patience require another surgery some 10 years after. not very optimistic though.

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@erint23 I feel your knee pain. I am bone on bone on both knees—no cartilage left. Wouldn’t ten years be worth it?

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@marinelife wow, how did you injure yourself? I’m only 23 this year, hence the doctor suggested a MACI transplant because my cartilage will be able to regenerate itself a lot faster but I am feeling rather iffy about the meniscus transplant because it is a recent thing and the percentage is not very convincing, going into surgery again in 10 years time do not sound good and in my country, we do not get much medical coverage. 2 years ago, I had underwent a menisectomy to remove excess meniscus as I had congenital meniscus discoid. Same knee, same leg, different story. Quite the mood dampener. We had all hope the menisectomy would resolve the issue, alas, it brought along a baggage and I know suffer some orthochronditis and edema (bruised knee bone).

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No, but let me know when you have the whole thing replaced; we can share notes then.

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