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Where do you see yourself in the next 3 years?

Asked by Jude (32144points) September 18th, 2011

Where do you want to be? Doing what? What are your goals?

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Where would I like to be?

Living on the West Coast somewhere.


Where do I think I’ll be? Right here in the DC area. Sigh.

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I’ll still be an ass virgin that‘s for sure, but all else pretty much as it is really, what with all the talk of a double recession on it’s way I hope I still have employment to pay all the increasing bills :-/
Might win the lottery Lol…...... ya never know….. ;-)

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Still crazy after all these years…...

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No clue.. But I think that is what keeps me from blowing my brains out.

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My husband and I are shopping for a small (5–10 acre) piece of land which will become our dream minifarm. If all goes well, we hope to have me stay home and intensively manage the household economy, which will include such activities as planting a huge garden, canning, husbandry of chickens, goats and rabbits, possible small-scale aquaculture, and permaculture landscaping with emphasis on rainwater collection, greywater reuse, composting, and basically moving around the waste product of one activity to be fuel for the next. This is pretty much my dream, and it’s a plan that we hope will see us well into our retirement (since if the economy crashes again, people will lose their savings, but we’ll still be eating off the farm).

I hope to be living this way within your timeframe.

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I have no idea, probably on my little micro-farm still.
My only goals are to stay afloat in this economy and continue enjoying my little Walden Pond scene over here.
I don’t really spend time of “futurizing”, I live in the present moment.

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I’m basically in the future right now. Because in three years from now, I don’t foresee any difference from today.. barring of course a winning lottery ticket… and I don’t even play the lottery so you can up the odds even farther.

I would like to be on stage at a blues festival pouring out some wicked licks to a crowd full of appreciative and soulful fans in three years… but alas, I’m just not good enough on the guitar yet. =)

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I’ll settle for still BEING here! Heh!

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out of here.

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@johnpowell – you are so right!

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I will be preparing for my departure from the military after 26 years of service and getting ready for semi-retirement.

I’ll be looking to complete a college degree and get another job to support my military pension.

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What? Only “semi?” WTF, over? BTW… congratulations on your 26 years! Hooah!

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@CaptainHarley. Thank you sir. In today’s day and age, I won’t be able to live entirely on what my pension will be unfortunately.

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Still plugging away at work. It looks like retirement in 6 years now.
On the bright side, work has never been as easy as it is now.

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Well, DAMN! Sorry about that, bro. : ((

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I hope I managed to graduate from the course I am about the start and find a job somewhere fast. Hopefully be a father too :)

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Foot loose and fancy free…and behind the wheel of a spiffin convertable Camaro! ;)

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@Cruiser Hellooooo there! Great to see you! :D

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@Cruiser You’re back with us? How cool!

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By that time I hope my youngest stepchild will be graduating high school so his father and I can move away from here and back to California, some small coastal town. Our plan is a small condo or shared home we will treat as a homebase from which to travel away from as much as possible.

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Hopefully even more successful than I am now. I want to be the very best. :)

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@CaptainHarley Lol. XD Sorry, but that was funny lol. Here’s to many more years for you. :)

I hope I’ll be making decent money. Workin on that. But I might end up in an asylum, or maybe I’ll actually get a part as a victim in some slasher movie. :D

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The plan is to finish my Masters in two years and begin working on my Phd during that third year. My current university does not have a program for a Phd and right now I am still deciding which schools to submit applications to in the future. At this point, it doesn’t look like I will be staying in California for the remainder of my education, but there are still a couple of schools here that I will be applying to with moderate interest. I haven’t told very many people, but I have my heart set on Harvard. Am I a good candidate? Probably not, but I still want to try

My significant other will also be graduating in three years with a BA in English Language and Literature :) My younger brother will also be graduating in two years and we are working on plans for how to celebrate our respective degrees.

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Hopefully on the edge of the forest living in a yurt, huge garden planted nearby. Preferably with a small village of yurts surrounding it.

That or fighting zombies in the post-apocalyptic wasteland.

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Hopefully, we’re no longer in New Jersey, living somewhere suitable for us. I’ll finally be out of school and working, making enough to support myself. We’ll most likely be married by then as well (possibly still with an open relationship).

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It was intended to be funny! : )

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3 years older, that I can say for sure. I’ll probably have a few more animals. I’d love to win the lotto.

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In 3 years I will have had the surgery I need. Yay. :)

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@Coloma You should be at the party in the Watering Hole chat room. It just started. Even if you don’t like chat, just open it in another window so we can have your name on the list.

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Okay..I have gotten clear and it is official!

I WILL be in-joying in 3 years, EXACTLY what I am in-joying right NOW! lol

Sittin’ on my deck on a perfect fallish Sunday afternoon!

Breeze in the trees, sun on my shoulders, watching the geezers graze on the lawn, leaves twinkling down.

Yep…this is all I want. :-D

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@Captain Harley, I saw a little signboard in a mall outside a health stores that said something along the lines of “You made it through the sixties, now we want to help you make it through your sixties.” Your answer made me smile!

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I do have a little peek into the future at the three year mark. I hear I’m to be a first time grandma – to twins – this coming winter and I hope to have turned in my work key and badge by then and I have a strong pull to return to the love of my childhood days – living in the countryside amidst lake and woods. All those who wrote about getting back to basics, I toast that. It does seem like an economic tsunami might be rolling in. Guess I ‘ll watch and see if the dog heads for higher ground!

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In about a year and ½ I will no longer BE in my 60s! Heh!

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3 years… all I want in 3 years is not to be where I am now. Hopefully, I’ll be in Austin or DC!

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Moving on to the next phase of my life. Whatever that may be.

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In three years I’ll still be educating my kids. My oldest will probably be out of the house but I’m expecting him back after all his money runs out.

As my kids do move out I want to volunteer at the Food Bank more and more.

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Let’s see…fall 2014…I will be working on my PhD research+dissertation…and the plan is that I’ll have a third kid and that kid will be about 2 by then or so…let’s see what happens.

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Still late at getting the garden in, being sad that snow and cold are coming again, hopefully will be fluthering in a properly painted bedroom. Not much change for me.

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Oh wow… I’m gonna be 19!
I’ll probably be in Canada, for college.
Hopefully still talking to Gage.
I’m not sure…

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(don’t say doing your wife, don’t say doing your wife, don’t say doing your wife)....

Doing your…... son?

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Lmao. XD

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Thanks @harple and @janbb Finally got the ride out to the 30K island and ready to just go in circles! lol! should I do all right turns?

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