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What blue eyed jelly just hit 10K?

Asked by chyna (39930points) September 18th, 2011

It’s Blueiiznh! Let’s give him a big round of applause and a warm welcome to the mansion! He has the biggest heart in New Hampshire and the prettiest blue eyes.

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Oh good, I am in the mood for a party. Is there any sort of theme this time?

Congrats!! Welcome to the mansion.

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Congratulations, @blueiznh! Your answers are always level headed and spot-on or appropriately funny.

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You are a sweet Jelly from my favorite part of the country. I fell in love with you for your spirited defense of libraries.

Mazel Tov @blueiiznh!

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Congratulations, dear! :)

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Congrats! I always enjoy your comments.

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Congratulations @blueiiznh. I love your thoughtful replies.

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Congrats Great job!

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Happy 10k!

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Nice work!!

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Wow! That was quick! I didn’t expect you until tomorrow. It would have to be on the maid’s day off… Well, that’s alright. It’s very nice to see you here… \_/ I poured your first bourbon for the party. Welcome, friend!

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Congrats! :-)

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Wow, that was fast! Congratulations, I like you bunches. :)

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Hell yeah! Congrats dude, you’re awesome. Cheers! :)

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Congo Rats to a terrific contributer! You earned this!

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WOOT! Congrats to a hilarious, shmexxxy blue-eyed gentleman!

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Enjoy! Congratulations!

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Félicitations, @blueiiznh!

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ConGoRats to the 10K Blue-eyed Jelly!

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Good fracking job!

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I had a card here….. I want to thank my producers, my writers, my….....D’oh!!! This a mansion party! How did I get so lost? Don’t say a word Future, don’t do it. Anyhow, @blueiiznh we now dub thee Bluezenith, congratulations.

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I passed 10k so I’m good on lurve. No thanks.

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Good job you blue eyed simian… just don’t get to close to coco the gorilla

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Damnit people, I said NO

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@XOIIO no means yes silly, any rapist will tell you that. :P

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@King_Pariah… Interesting definition you’ve got there…

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Viva! Bravo! Banzai! Kudos!

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Way to go dude!

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Congratulations and welcome to the mansion. I hope you enjoy your stay here. First you will have to step into this painting and walk down the block to find your quarters. We tried to find something historical and romantic. I hope you like it.

Just in case you’re stunned and not sure of where to go, we’ve borrowed some Farm Dogs from @coloma’s farm to help you lead you to your rooms. If that doesn’t help, we’ll just give you some of her brownies, and then you won’t care LOL.

For your imbibing pleasure, we have stocked the kitchen with a Jack Daniels snow cone machine. We also have popcorn and red twizzlers!

And for your fun and pleasure, we have set up a practice ski slope, complete with a snow blower and a professional ski coach, to teach help you and your daughter to gain confidence with skiing. Not sure if she ever joined the ski club, but whether or not she did, you two will have fun skiing on this personal slope. Plus, it’s covered with flavored snow (only this time, in the flavor of her choice)

And just to let you know, all of us have collected a bunch of aluminum cans and bottles over the last year, we’re going to cash them in and donate the proceeds to the charity of your choice!

Have a great time, keep up the great questions and continue to be your kind, sweet self. : )

P.S. Here’s looking at you kid

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Congrats, Blue! You’re a great jelly. :)

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Well Done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congratulations!!!!!!! Happy 10k!

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Well, no surprise that you’re here, you cerulean peepered Yank, you! Does this mean we can get you a real halo to replace that neon representative you have?

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Congratulations, @blueiiznh! Your speedy rise to 10k is a mark of your wisdom and caring, which come through in all of your answers.

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Congratulations @blueiiznh. You’re a great contributor to the Fluther community. Cheers! \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/!!!!

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Congratulations, @Blueiiznh!!

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Congratulations! I’m singing “Blueiiznh Crying in the Rain” just for you!

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That was fast. Good for you. Well deserved. Congrats on 10K.

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Hey @Blueiiznh Eye’m so glad we had this party for you . Now eye understand what your name means Congrats on the 10k.

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OMG I did awaken in a place i did not go to sleep in last night. It really is like that dead concert I went to years ago. I awoke by the lap pool

First I thank all who have given wishes here. Without your Lurve I would not have been granted access to this amazing mansion. Wait, I am starting to sound like the speach @Hypocrisy_Central was giving.

I however truly am thankful for all the jellies that have fluthered across my screen. You have made me think, laugh, drink, smile, wrinkle my face in pullzement, each chocolate, appreciate, and most of all care more for fellow jellies. This truly is a community.

I appreciate @chyna for getting this party started. She is an absolute gem in all regards.
@ANef_is_Enuf for being the first to make me feel part of this community when I found this place earlier this year when I needed insight related to my daughter.
@Blueroses special thanks for handing me that tumbler of frozen water wrapped in bourbon.
@janbb My favorite Librarian amongst many.
@marinelife Your awesome insight on EVERYTHING!
@KateTheGreat Your name is only mildly fitting to all you are.
@WillWorkForChocolate A shimmering example of chocolately loveliness.
@Hypocrisy_Central Always love reading your posts whether I agree or not :)
@XOIIO your technosavy geekness.
@zensky no need to thank you because you are omnipresent and could already sense the thanks to your brilliance that transcended.
@Kardamom How on earth did you garner all those facts about me. hmmmmmm. You do pay attention or are psychic.
@augustlan I simply bow humbly
@JilltheTooth for understanding my avatar

I knew there was a reason to make it a long weekend!
Party On, Jellies

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Great feat, @blueiiznh , congratz!

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Congratulations! Great job!

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I’m late as usual, but welcome to the Mansion! It’s an incredible feat!

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Congratulations. I hope they give you the room with the best view.

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Oh one of my all time favourite Jellies hit 10,000! I have been waiting for you to get here @blueiiznh. Every one of those lurve points is deserved.

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Congrats on the 10 Grand…done with attitude!

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I did not know it! I have been away. First loss of the season for the Pats to none other than buffalo grrrr! @blueiiznh keep me a snuggly spot, I’ll get there some day! I’m lonely down here….well at least I have my MerJelly :D

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@Bellatrix Thank you so much to my fav jellie from down under
@Meego I appreciate your thanks to the namesake of MerJelly!Also for shared sobbing over the Pat’s. There are plenty of snuggies to go around.

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