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Does long hair cause eventual neck pain?

Asked by filmfann (45755points) September 18th, 2011

On another question, Chyna posted this picture of Crystal Gayle.
Is there a point where hair this long causes neck injuries? I am not talking about it getting caught in the door, or something (but if you want to share a story about that, you’re welcome to). I am mainly addressing the shear weight of the mane.

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My hair is pretty long, and it doesn’t hurt my neck. :P

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My hair isn’t as long as Crystal’s, but my hair has gotten stuck in the car door when I went to close it. That’s the worst injury I can think of.

I do notice a slight relief when I get my hair trimmed, but it doesn’t bother me at all having it long (past the middle of my back).

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If it is real thick hair and a person is constantly having it tug or offer resistance to proper neck and head movement the cumulative effect can be fatigue maybe. Seems that it would be such a gradual weight increase the muscles in the neck would self condition for the difference to compensate.

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Sure, if it gets stepped on.

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I used to get very bad headaches from my hair, the were immediately alleviated but cutting off a bit over a foot of hair.

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Having had long hair for years it felt so much better after the braid was lopped. The stylist lady didn’t want to do it at first as if she was being asked to remove an organ that was going to cripple me or something. It was painless.

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I used to have to help my mane turn over with me. I remember a few times having my head brought up short because my elbow was on my hair.

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@faye It’s a pain isn’t it?

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When I had long hair, it made my scalp even more sensitive…and was yet another trigger of my migraines. Cutting it off is very freeing!

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Yeah, and it’s much easier to drive without the hair getting in the way when you want to turn to look to the side. So much extra stuff you no longer need to do in everyday life after the hair is shorter and it becomes immediately noticeable.

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Mine used to be three feet long when I was in my teens. It never hurt my neck or my back, even when wet (which is when it’s really heavy). If there was pain, it was from combing out the snarls after washing it.

I did notice how much lighter it felt when I cut it short, but that was a sudden change and not a change by tiny increments. We’re already holding up the weight of our heavy heads; I think the neck muscles must simply adjust, and they do have time to do it gradually.

My hair is growing out now, in fact, but does not feel heavy. And not everybody leaves it loose and blowing around; it doesn’t have to be in the way.

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Personally, I have my barber shave my neck hair, but I’m sure if you grew it very long, it could snag loose clothing or even become dry and itchy. Itching is a curse because it makes you want to scratch. Even though scratching is harmful to the skin, it feels good, so we want to do it. It is very rare, but throughout history, many people have scratched to death.

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When mine was down to my butt, it was very heavy. It didn’t hurt my neck, but it did give me headaches. When I went from that length to a super short haircut, the relief was immense!

When it was that long, I had to be careful not to get it in the toilet. I was also always whipping my ex-husband in the face with it by accident, in bed. :p

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It really depends on the person. If the hair is very thick, then even moderately long hair can cause perpetual headaches. My sister has always had to pull out the thinning scissors in order to let her hair get much past her shoulders without making her miserable. However, I’ve never heard of long hair actually causing injuries; just tension and headaches.

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Nope, my hair is nice to me :)

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I’m totally jealous of all the people in here who have/had long hair. XD

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Don’t be :)

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