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Do you ever, or have you ever picked up a hitch-hiker?

Asked by boxer3 (4150points) September 18th, 2011

On my way to work today, I saw a young guy headed towards the same direction I was driving. ( He was hitch-hiking. ) I really wanted to pick him up and give him a ride, but I didn’t. Generally I always want to pick up hitch-hikers but I never actually have, I suppose it’s because of the potential risk I could be putting myself in. However, I always think that if I were in a situation where I needed to hitch-hike somewhere, I hope someone like myself would pull over and scoop me up.

So what do you think, do you want to pick them up?
Have you ever?

or have you ever hitch-hiked?
Or, is it just too dangerous ?

I feel like I’m always going to be the way I am currently.

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If I had a truck I’d say hop in the back otherwise, no.

I’d slow down, pull beside them, and speed off XD

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Legit question, is it legal for someone to ride in the bed of the truck where you live?

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I doubt it.

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Yeah, and then I sell their organs on the black market.

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I must say, if its an attractive femal,e I might if they had a way of paying for gas. *wink wink *

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@King_Pariah, oh yeah? They get a good going rate?

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I never have picked up a hitchhiker, but that might be because I didn’t drive before the age of 40. I can imagine circumstances in which I might, but I’d still say the odds are against it. We’ve been too conditioned to be wary and suspicious and treat everyone as a potential slasher, rapist, and thief.

I hitchhiked a few times back in my student days, but with a boyfriend, never alone. It was somehow more innocent then, and a lot of kids did it. Maybe scary B movies hadn’t frightened everybody too much then. In my parents’ day and when I was a kid, it was pretty commonplace. The proportion of people without cars was much higher, and I think there was a much greater sense of community among strangers before the media taught us to fear everyone.

[Edit] However, I have given a ride to a stranger a few times. They weren’t hitchhiking, but they were in some sort of a bind and I offered them a lift.

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@Jeruba , I wish things were still like that. .. I always feel like such a jerk.

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@boxer3 especially hearts and kidneys. Lungs aren’t so bad either. lol

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I’ve only come across hitchhikers when I was alone or with my children. It never felt safe for me in that situation, so I never pulled over for them.

I have hitchhiked before. I was 19 and with a male friend of mine. We hitchhiked from San Luis Obispo, CA to Las Vegas, NV. It took us 36 hours. Four truck drivers and a couple of shady guys in a car picked us up for our adventure. All the truck drivers were really cool and just looking for someone to talk to (someone to help keep them awake for that desolate drive between central CA and Vegas.) The two guys in the car were the only people that were kind of scary.

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Yeah, I gave a girl a ride once. I also gave her a pair of shoes. I didn’t ask too many questions, as she had a black eye and her feet were all cut up from walking. I just gave her a ride, let her talk, and I gave her a pair of shoes that happened to be in the trunk of my car.

Normally I don’t pick people up, though.

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@jonsblond , I’m generally alone too, and that’s another thing. Meh. it’s frutrating though that you cant just look at somebody and tell their intentions. it’s sort of 50/50

@ANef_is_Enuf , what made you pull over for her?

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@boxer3 she was right by my place of employment at the time, which happened to be off of the highway. I saw her when I was getting ready to leave, and I had to stop and offer to help. Dunno, just a spontaneous thing. She looked like she needed help.

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When I was 16, a guy came up to me in a gas station and asked me for a ride to class at the college campus nearby. He said he only had $5 but I could have it. I told him to buy me cigarettes since I was too young to buy them.

In the car he told me about his adventures selling cocaine. After I dropped him off, I realized it was Saturday. I don’t think he was going to class.


I’ve picked up only two hitchhikers ever——a couple of young teenaged kids who looked like they didn’t have a dime on them. I figured they were just a couple of harmless teenaged boys, so I gave them a ride all the way back to town, about 40 miles away. They were very appreciative when I let them off.

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@ANef_is_Enuf , well damn. that’s really great….I think that’s admirable of you- I’m sure she appreciated the hell out of it.

@nikipedia heh! maybe he had a saturday class, orrrr he was going to work eep.

@MRSHINYSHOES , that’s really nice.

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However, I do have a story about the night I spent in a truck stop motel chatting with a career hitchhiker. I didn’t give him a ride anywhere, but he was a really cool guy.

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The movie ‘Hitcher’ with Rutgar Hauer (sp0.

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In highschool I read a CrimethInc book “off the map” that made me want to hitchhike across the states. ha.

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I’ve only encountered a hitch-hiker several times, never picked any of them up, though. I don’t drive and have no say in the matter, but I would if I did drive, and I will when I do. I would take precautions, though, I’m not going to just pick up anybody. One of the hitch-hikers I met was nearby my house, I was walking with my friend and we passed him, as we got near he says to us, “Nobody’s willin’ to pick a poor guy up.” We just nodded and kept going in silence; he was a creepy guy. Not the kind of guy you would want to pick up at all, he was dirty and had a lazy eye with some missing teeth. I’m sure he was a nice guy, though, he seemed nice enough, patiently waiting for somebody to pick him up. I think the world just dealt him a bad hand. But still, you never know. Maybe he would’ve mugged us had there not been a dozen of cars driving past. It’s scary shit.

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I used to hitch hike in my Russian village a lot, that was normal then and there. In NYC, I had to learn not to do that.

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Holy moly, I have picked up more hitchhikers than I can count. I usually assess the situation, if I just came from the bank and I have a lot of cash on me, plus it being late or on a remote road, maybe not. If I didn’t have much cash, I would 50% of the time. Usually those I picked up were single, I never really wanted to have one beside me and one where I could not see if the fist was trying to distract me. Hardly ever would I have two in the back unless they were teens and I knew it. Teens today would be sorely out of luck unless the most desperate of situations. In this pedophobic nation all I need is one trying to extort money from me on top of a ride by threatening to say I touched them. If it is a cute girl, she often had more of a chance than some dude.

I always had a plan on what action I would take if they tried to do anything squirrelly. If they didn’t poop my seats they would be begging to get out of my car before I got us killed, if that didn’t happen surely the cops would pull us over and the jig would be up.

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Never have, never will! Catch a bus bozo!

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I’ve both hitched and picked up hitchers. I dont now I have my kids in my car. I hitched from Austria to Italy once.

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used to pick up female hitch hikers all the time, most were really hot and got a few dates that way. My best hitch hiker I picked up was a GO GO Dancer with her pet snake. She asked me if it was ok that she had a snake? I said sure I won’t eat the snake but I may eat her for dinner. She laughed and I made a date with her I picked her up at her work 3:00 AM and had one unbelievable morning didn’t get done with the eating part and other things until 10:00 AM. Now my wife doesn’t allow such things. But it was a fantastic pick up.

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I have a couple stories about picking up hitchhikers:

When I was in my mid-twenties, I picked up a hitchhiker. She was a black woman, and as soon as she got in my car, she told me she needed $4.50 for the bus, and quick as lightening she stole my stick-shift knob. She then said if I didn’t give her the money, she would tell the cops she was assaulted by me, and she had the knob to prove she was in the car. I gave her the money, and she got out.

I continued to pick-up hitchhikers, though. I saw one near the freeway onramp, and pulled over. She had her friend hiding in the bushes. They both got in my car, and I immediately recognized her as a punk-rock friend of mine. I drove them to where they were going, while she looked thru my grochery bag (I had just been shopping), and criticized me for buying too much sugar cereal. That made me feel awful.

Last year, while returning from Costco, I called my son and told him to meet me in front of the house to help bring in groceries. I then saw a hitchhiker, thumb out and walking, at the far end of my street. She was about 40 pounds overweight, and out of breath. I let her in, and drove her the mile down to the major road by my house. As I pulled up, and she got out of the car, my son walked out of the house. “Who is that?” he asked. “I bought you a girlfriend at Costco.” I replied. He looked at her, (she had now walked to the corner, and was out of earshot), and he said “So, you’re still buying in bulk?”

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