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How should I adjust to wearing glasses?

Asked by Tennis5tar (1255points) May 8th, 2008

I’m short sighted and just got prescribed glasses only it feels very strange when I wear them. Is it best to jump in the deep end and wear them all the time or should I wear them for a certain amount of time a day to adjust or am I thinking about this far too much?!

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I remember when I first started wearing glasses. From the first step out of the eye doctor’s office everything seemed more clear and close to me. When I stepped down from the curb, it felt weird because my depth perception had to be re-defined.

You may get headaches and maybe a little disoriented, but your eyes and brain will adjust to them. I suggest you wear them as much as possible. Even when I get a new prescription it still feels weird for a little while, but I get used to them again. if you give your eyes too much of a break, you’ll experience the same problem over and over again. but if you work through the headaches and “weird feeling”, you’ll be better off.

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Thanks ccatron, how long did it take for you to adjust? I have exams in a week and a half and I don’t know if I should risk it and start wearing them, hoping i’ll be back to normal in time, or if i should wait until after I’ve done my exams?

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I remember when I first got glasses. First thing we did afterwards was to go and get a corndog and lemonade. I kept hitting my chin and nose with the corndog when I was trying to eat. I couldn’t really tell were my mouth was. And it made me feel really short. I was really into skateboarding and it took months to adjust.

But it will get better. It just takes some time. I would just wear them as much as possible until you get used to them. I would give it a week and head back to the doctor if it doesn’t get better. Sometimes they screw up the prescription or you could find frames that are more comfortable.

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@tennisstar, honestly, i don’t remember how long. that was 20 years ago! I was in the 4th grade! (its weird the things your mind chooses to remember about events in your life!) I know with new prescriptions, even though its not a drastic change, it doesn’t take very long…maybe a few days. I think you should be fine in a few days as long as you try to wear them as much as possible.

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Wear them as much as possible, but also cut your eyes some slack – literally. Give your eyes a rest when you can during the day by taking off the glasses and closing or unfocusing your eyes for a while. If you stare at a monitor all day (like I do!), take breaks to look out a window (basically focusing your eyes on infinity).

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I had to adjust to mine by wearing then in increasingly longer periods of time. Then I put them on first thing in the morning on the third day and I was fine. Good luck!

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Thanks Babo!

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I remember how amazed I was when I put on my glasses for the first time because I had always thought that my sight was pretty good. Although it was wonderful to see so clearly and to realised how much detail I had been missing, I also found the sharp vision rather unnatural as I had obviously become used to a slightly out of focus view of the world. So for a long time I only wore my glasses when I needed to (mainly for driving and at the cinema or theatre). I’m happy to wear them all the time now, particularly as I think that I look better with them on.

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I can’t imagine not wearing them now, I have to walk around with my hands out when I take them off.

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I found I was really self-conscious about my glasses at first. In the end, I bit the bullet and started wearing them all the time. After a couple of months I was completely relaxed and comfortable about wearing them.

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I use glasses since I’m 6, and I always wear them, all the time – except, eventually, when I’m practicing sports or something that could break them. But my suggestion is trying them for one whole day, then, if you feel uncomfortable, well, use them just for reading. But what counts is really what your ophthalmologist said to you. Good luck! ;]

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I found that the only way to get used to them was to wear them. I was really self conscious about wearing them for about four months, but, after that, they just became part of my face. I am so glad I started wearing them!

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Just jump off the deep end and begin wearing them all the time. I remember when I first got glasses I couldn’t believe how sharp and clear everything was and how much more vivid colors were. Green was so much greener! I could see individual leaves on trees, individual blades of grass in lawns, people at a distance had faces that I could see, I could see signs from a long way off and didn’t have to be on top of them to see them! I was like most people upon getting glasses and that was I was very self conscious about being seen wearing them, but I decided to just wear them and get over the feeling and within a few weeks everyone was used to seeing me in glasses and I was feeling much more confident wearing them and by the end of the first month I didn’t even think about wearing my glasses anymore. The one thing that did bother me at first was constantly seeing the frame of my glasses in my field of view all the time, but one day while I was in class the frame of my glasses simply vanished and I have never seen it again and I new when it happened that I was completely used to wearing glasses. So If I were you I would just wear them all the time and within a short period of time you will be completely comfortable wearing glasses.

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