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What can your partner do to help you relax?

Asked by Jude (32101points) September 19th, 2011

(Not sex)

Play with my hair, and I’ll fall into a semicoma.

Name one thing.

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Yeah, exactly how you wrote it: she can help me relax by not wanting sex for once :-)
Groom my beard is very relaxing to me too.

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Let me go to sleep and never wake up. (that’s a metaphor)

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

Pop my face pimples.

gravity's avatar

“spider fingers” on my back

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Talk me through my anxieties about a situation.

zenvelo's avatar

Hugs and kisses, rub my shoulders.

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I prefer to relax on my own with alone time.

EDIT: My husband prefers to have me around for him to be able to relax or work through his anxieties.

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drawn you a warm bubble bath to slip into

Ayesha's avatar

Neck massages, kisses on the cheeks and neck, running his fingers through my hair.
Edit: I now noticed you wrote name ‘one’ thing, so neck massages.

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Just hold you.
Sing to you.

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Cuddling. Neck massage, holding my hand.

tinyfaery's avatar

She feeds me something special. Unfortunately, I associate food with love.

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Just kind of leave me alone to do my own thing

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Since backrub and playing with my hair are taken, I’m going to go with just talking. I have trouble relaxing enough to fall asleep but sometimes just the sound of my partners voice is enough. When he’s not home with me, sometimes I’ll call him right before bed and I find that I am able to get to sleep faster.

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Let me have a day alone with no responsibilities.

happens maybe twice a year

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Give me a glass of wine and a back/neck massage. <snap> I’m out.

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@cprevite I’m with you! I’d be happy with an hour here and there. As it is I’m lucky to get 5mins.

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Rub my feet with lotion. Snore time!

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Pour us glasses of merlot and just hold me while having the wine…. kissing here and there as well

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Seeing my wife asleep relaxes me.

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Act like he is really listening to my issues, and then offer suggestions.

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@SpatzieLover: Yes. I agree.

@Brian1946: I also love that. Rhythmic snoring FTW.

@YARNLADY: “Act like…” Lol; I lurve that you’re shooting low. Not really listen, just “act” like it. :^)

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Who wants to play with my hair? I’m having a shitty day.

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Stop Eating Xylophones.

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@creative1 Why do guys always see that as an immediate invitation to sex? Can’t they realize we wouldn’t mind having the sex after about half an hour of such activity? Like PLEASE.

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Go get me some beers, a pizza & a DVD movie, that’d sort me out :-) oh & tickle my beard.

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@Scooby Ya, I agree.. same here. Except for tickle the beard (as I don’t have one).

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@thesparrow I have no idea it would be wonderful to have them relax then making love can be so much more amazing.

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@thesparrow…. Have another slice of pizza instead :-/

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@Scooby Ya, I’m hungry now.

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@creative1 Meh, when I see him taking the handcuffs out I can already see it being a good time, cuddles or no cuddles.

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