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Do you have a recipe for a simple Asian style broth in which I can serve steamed dumplings?

Asked by Adagio (14052points) September 19th, 2011

I’m making some steamed Asian-style dumplings and would like to serve them in a simple chicken stock based (although I’m open to persuasion here) transparent broth, perhaps including a few bok choy leaves and maybe a mushroom or two. Perhaps this is something you make very often, I’m looking for a quick to prepare broth recipe, can you help?

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Here is a super easy Chicken Mushroom Clear Broth

And here is one for a Spicy Thai broth. You can omit the mushrooms or you can strain them out after it simmers, or you can simply leave them in and still add your potstickers, that’s what I would do, just leave them in.

This one is still pretty easy, but because you will be actually making the chicken stock, yourself, it will take a little bit longer. There are variations below the main recipe for Chicken Stock

Here’s another easy one for Ginger and Garlic Infused Chicken Broth

And here is one that is easy, but takes a little bit longer, because of the steeping process Clear Mushroom Broth which tastes very “meaty”. Once you have the broth, you can simply drop in a bit of finely chopped garlic or some chopped chives or some chopped green onions or even a teeny bit of rice vinegar. But just plain is great too.

Or you can simply use Pacific Brand Clear Mushroom Broth by itself, or doctor it up a little bit with garlic or chili oil, or freshly grated ginger. I use this broth for all sorts of things.

And this one sounds like the easiest of them all Japanese Clear Broth

Any one of these, with slight variations as to your own preference should work just fine!

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Thanks for all your suggestions and the links @Kardamom, I shall get busy and see what I can find : ^)

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@Adagio Knorr products. Found at Asian oriented markets. @Kardamom Is right. It’s not really Asian with out some ginger and garlic. I’d just fresh ginger if possible and remember its flavors don’t come out until its real hot. Garlic powder is fine.

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@Kardamom ***YAY *** EXCELLENT ANSWER ***YAY

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@dreamwolf Fresh ginger and garlic… is there anything else? : ^)

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@Kardamom Those are awesome. I did want to warn you that Martha Stewart has a hit out on you.

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For a quick clear Chinese style broth, I just boil green onions, fresh ginger, few cloves of garlic (minced), few drops of sesame oil, salt to taste in about 4 cups water. After few minutes, remove from fire and strain to get the clear broth.

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I just use Miso paste dissolved in water, and add a bunch of veggies, wakame (seaweed), maybe some seafood or chicken and whatever else I fancy. Steamed dumplings in that would be lovely.

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@Adirondackwannabe Some of my friends have referred to me as the poor man’s Martha Stewart! LOL

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@Adagio Well if you’d like to take a Vietnamese route, try adding a bit of mint leaves to your soup, just dip it in after cooking, let it sit for a bit, and valah. Pretty tasting soup.

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@downtide miso great idea, should have thought of that myself, thank you

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to suggest things, I really appreciate your help : ^)

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@Adagio In case you want to go into advanced levels of Asian soup based cooking. Try out a Filipino recipe called “sinigang” or a rice based soupe called “arroz caldo” <this one is perfect for the winter time!

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