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Why do my jeans always tear at the crotch and how do I fix it?

Asked by jballou (2113points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

These are high quality jeans too!

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Stop walking (and/or scratching)?
Seriously, I don’t think there’s a way for it not to wear out. Of course, using fabric softener, etc. will slow the process down, but you can’t avoid it all together.

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I have had this problem too. The only thing you can do is throw a patch over the spot. This will look kind of funny though, so maybee sew a few more patches in as well. Got any neat fabric you want to use?

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The “quick access” tear is probably the easiest (and sexiest) repair you can make, depending on what section of the crotch has ripped, a patch, from the inside will make them good as new.

I am wearing a pair of Diesel jeans that suffered this fate but I actually like it, like a mouthwash-cool breeze on a sweltering day.

But keep in mind, some “quick access” rips can quickly become shreds of “indecent exposure”

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I could understand if it was over the years, but this is happening consistently in just a few months of modwrate wear to most of my jeans- all different brands so it’s not a manufacturing defect or anything. Obviously “stop walking” isn’t really an option for me

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how tight are your jeans?

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How do you wash/dry them?

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My jeans aren’t tight nor are they baggy. Relaxed fit I guess? And I wash them in cold water but not very often honestly.

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Do you use fabric softener and do you machine dry or hang dry? Little things like that could make a difference.

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I wonder what they are making denim of these days? What kind of junk is in the fabric that makes it come apart so quickly?

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i have a feeling they are too small my dear : ) one of my friends taught me to squat when trying on jeans…maybe that would help? then you get a chance to see how the fabric moves… also some jeans are better than others for flexibility. i have two pairs of jeans, both from the same store, and one is way better for moving around, riding my bike, etc. the other pair always does make me nervous that its gonna split…...

maybe your nice brand isn’t so nice!

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You might be wearing them too low. You can try patching them but I’d just get new jeans.

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how often do you wear them per week?

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get some pants from the army surplus store. the newer ones have a triangular patch instead of a seam.

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My jeans always rip there,too, and they’re not too small. I took my favorite jeans to a tailor and for $10 they added a patch on the inside of the crotch. You can’t tell, and they look great. I’m sure a local tailor in your area could do the same. It’s much cheaper than buying new jeans.

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emilyrose. . .i found that the crotch in my jeans broke down really quickly when i would squat, bend, etc. tgo loosen them up. now, i kind of just suffer in silence with a denim wedgie and go about my business until they relax on their own.

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hee hee : )

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You can buy iron-on denim patches for a few bucks. I just put a piece on the inside where my jeans wear as a preventative measure.

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@Denimtherapy: Where have you been all my life? I will miss the “quick access” rip, but you are beyond therapy… you are salvation.

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@ riser. . .have you had us repair your jeans? and if you did, were you happy with the result?

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@denimtherapy: Very Soon

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@ riser. . .let me know if you do.

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Wow! I bookmarked that site! Denim Therapy the next time I have some jeans I really love and they get worn through. I’ll know where to go.

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I have also had this issue as well. Most recently my last pair of Levi’s lasted 3 months before showing a crotch rip. I have a nice wardrobe of ripped crotch Levi’s that I no longer wear to work as the result. I do think I know what the root cause of this issue is (at least for me personally).Although my pants are not too tight, I have no butt so my pants always end-up riding down a bit. I think this re-location of the crotch of the pants to a lower point places a much greater stress on the fabric. Even simple things like getting into a car, or doing any kind of squatting or flexing manuever can immediately result in this kind of damage if the crotch is riding lower than it was desinged for. Some pants like gramicci rock climbing pants, or arborwear jeans/pants have a gusseted crotch providing a much greater range of motion and better overall strength even if your pants are riding down a bit. Just my .02

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I ride a bicycle. I think this makes the crotch wear out quickly.

I’ve just patched the knee and the crotch of a pair of jeans, using another pair as material.

The knee was a flat piece of cloth against a flat piece of cloth. It was easy to get a good fit. The crotch is a saddle shape. Denim is not very stretchy. There is going to be some distortion somewhere.

For the crotch, I cut a piece about 9 inches long and 3 inches wide. The idea is to fold over about half an inch all round. I sewed one end on just below the zip and then proceeded towards the posterior. I ended up with a bit of bunching here and there.

If I was to do this again I would draw a line one inch either side of the central seam of the jeans. I would mark one inch intervals on this line, and do the same on the patch. I would try to keep the marks on the patch lined up with the lines on the jeans.

This way the bunching up would be kept more or less equal throughout.

Hope this helps.


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I had the same problem and levi strauss refused to replace them. Every pair of 550’s I purchased ripped in the crotch no where else. I started purchasing Calvin Kline and Carhart no problem whatsoever. If a company makes a poor product stop doing business with them eventually they will get the message.

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this happens to me too! and mine aren’t to big for me or anything, the crotch goes down too low! and i have to do a weird shimmy thing to get the crotch up high enough, and thats how they rip. i have 4 pairs of jeans and 2 of them are ripped there. i also have 2 pair of pj pants that ripped there too but probably for a different reason…?
i need like custom fitting jeans, but i dont want to spend a lot of money…

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My daughter says that her thighs are very thick, and that’s why her pants rip at the crotch. She says that if she gets pants that are loose in the thigh, they don’t rip so quickly. These sort of pants are hard to find, by the way.

You could try calling Lands End and ask them what they suggest. They are good at this sort of thing.

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Yikes! I was just googling how to repair jeans… My fave Citizens of Humanity pair died about a year ago but I couldn’t throw them out. They’ve been decaying at the bottom of my wardrobe. Tomorrow I’m going to cut up a pair of cheap rubbish jeans I bought for a hiking trip and try to repair the crotch on my beloved old pair of jeans! Back to life!!! I’ll let you know how it goes :D

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I have the same problem, but i know why one I have big thighs, two I don’t like loose jeans, and three if I wear them too much its no good. If the jeans mean that much to you sew them and then put a patch on the inside. That’s what I will sadly have to do with these Mek jeans. Check this website out :)

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I sewed patches on mine. Took ages but they’re working just fine. Sewed them to the inside so you can still see the tear but only denim through it, not skin. Woop! Two of my favourite pairs of jeans, back to life!

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What i had to do with my favorite pair of Mek’s were put the jeans inside out pinch the tear sewing it securely and then just to be safe I put an iron patch on. Their doing just fine!:)

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I had this problem for long time. I would always get a hole in my paints because I like to walk. Silk-Cotton paints solved the problem.

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Pants not paints, sorry. Oh and get one size larger for silk can shrink a little.

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candle wax when they start to show signs of ware and tear, burn a candle and carefully drip one or two drops on the ware and wash and dry . The wax will stay locked in the fibers and the ware and tear are lubed buy the wax.

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Good idea about the candle wax. I wouldn’t want it to get too hot in the dryer. Candle wax will burn quite readily if given a proper wick, and the fabric makes an excellent wick. In addition, I’d launder with old clothes or something in case extra wax works its way onto other fabrics.

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Love the idea of the iron on patches which I found that “Singer” produce. I have ordered some from Amazon :-)

I do have this problem. Im tall and athletic and I have a good rump, so as I am the type to “flaunt it if you’ve got it, my 501s, 505, and 508 all suffer from crotch rub.

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