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Has my CV got mistakes?

Asked by inunsure (423points) September 20th, 2011

I’m really bad with spotting out even obvious mistakes and wanted help and get somone to look over my cv in the text above

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First sentence should be “Strong IT skills with an admin”.

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If you see many mistakes private message me

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You’ve made some improvements since last year.

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Two sections named technical skills. The content in them seems mixed up and includes communication skills etc.

Voluntaries isnt a word, did you mean volunteers? That whole bit could be simplified to ‘Worked well with staff and volunteers’. Is it a bit long? (i think so…). There’s probably more but that’s all I’ve got time for. Hope this helps

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You don’t increase sales by cutting costs. You increase profits by cutting costs.

HTML, XHTML, and CSS aren’t programming languages, they’re web languages.

Bespoked -> bespoke

There are lots of little mistakes, even spelling mistakes. I’m not going to go into detail.

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You need a skilled editor for form, context and usage.

As is, it is unreadable and too too wordy. Sorry, but I didnt’ get beyond the first several sentences.

Find someone who is a pro at writing resumes. He can do the housekeeping for you..

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