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Will the real Fake Steve Jobs please stand up?

Asked by robmandu (21285points) May 8th, 2008

Alrighty, I know that the term lurve did not originate here at Fluther.

But then again, it’s not in the common vernacular so much. And we all know that Fake Steve would certainly read the NYT.

So, when I see lurve mentioned prominently in today’s post on The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs blog, I know there’s more than coincidence going on.

So Steve-o… the Collective would love to ask questions of you directly. Feel like unmasking yourself?

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I think its coincidental. You’d notice a writing style like his on here and I’ve not yet seen one like it.

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I had a response from “Steve Jobs” on Fluther once, and when I asked if he was The Steve Jobs, I received a fancy non-denial denial. Most sarcastic. Was that, indeed, the real Steve Jobs? Is he among us?

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what, steve jobs on fluther? !!

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Awesome! Come out come out wherever you are…!

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I recall a member Steve Jobs but I don’t think he was really Steve Jobs.
They also had a Steve Jobs question once.

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Yeah, I remember seeing “Steve Jobs” on here too, but I don’t think it was the real S.J. either.

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It isn’t him,
I searched for him on here and he asked a couple questions that the real Steve jobs wouldn’t ever ask. He asked something about microsoft, which he’d obviously know the answer of.

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Dang….so close….

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