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Who is the scariest man you have ever known?

Asked by King_Pariah (11446points) September 20th, 2011

Inspired by Jeruba’s question.

Mine is a tie between my father due to his capacity for violence and the man who raped me.

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My biological father.

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A man that I only met once, and I never knew his name. But apparently he was putting off such freaktastic vibes that my baby girl (she was only 1) began shaking violently the closer he got to us, and buried her face against my neck when he tried to talk to her. That was in a furniture store (he was a salesman there), and I left immediately when I noticed how it was affecting my daughter.

It really scared me to see her respond to someone that way, and make me think there was something seriously wrong with that man.

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My father, who else. As a kid I knew for a ‘fact’ that he was the strongest man in the world, he could kick superman’s ass if he wanted, so I stand no chance.

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I can’t think of any frightening men off the top of my head. I’ve never really been threatened or anything. There was a guy I knew who got really violent when he drank and was aggressive towards everyone, but I knew he wouldn’t hurt me.

No one beats up a pacifist lol.

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my stalker. seriously.

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A former boss of mine. He did some very illegal and immoral and destructive things. I got dragged into a lawsuit because of him. I had to serve as a witness to what he did to several of my co-workers. Although many years have passed since all of this happened, the co-workers, two of whom are my closest friends, are still recovering from what was done to them.

We found out later that this man had left a trail of tears in every job he’d ever been in, but to get rid of him quickly, he was always given a stellar recommendation. That’s how he ended up at my company, and that is what happened to him once again when he left my company. It’s all legal bullcrap that happens when someone high up in the pecking order is brought in by the board of directors and then they have to buy out his contract to get rid of him, so that they won’t look foolish or liable.

I feel so sorry for the people that have to work with him now, but I have no way to warn them.

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A young man I briefly dated. I didn’t like him from the first time mutual friends introduced him. Within a very short time, he ingratiated himself into my social circle, got me to agree to date him, poured on the charm and used every trick in the book to impress me. He moved himself into my apt. and systematically went about separating me from friends, co workers, family. He became unpredictably violent and sinister. I lost my home, my job, my city of residence and most of my belongings in trying to get away from this weirdo.

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My father….for reasons I won’t divulge here. I really worked on not being like him. I think I’m OK.

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My dad was scary, but I knew he was on my side, so I was never scared of him.
My best friends dad was really scary. He would scream at me, and threatened to leave me in the desert once. He did everything he could to manipulate me, and make me feel like shit.
Years later, he went to a clown college, and entertained children.

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@filmfann Was he John Wayne Gacy?~

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No, but he could have been.

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A patient at the hospital where I worked. It was night shift so there was only 2 of us for the 22 patients at the front. This man was 6’, 250 lbs, demented and so mad. We couldn’t talk him out of wandering into other patient’s rooms, throwing things, pushing at the other patients. We each had to try to grab an arm and yell for the other 2 nurses’ help. Of course he threw us off and then stomped into the tubroom and sat on the toilet. We shut the door and a couple of nuses waited for security. I got an order for a tranquilising injection. Well, that was just fun to jab that into him while he wasn’t looking. I got a good backhand shove for that even though security was trying to hold him. We finally got this man into a lazy boy chair with restraints. It took another injection 30 minutes later to calm him down, by which time he had ripped one of the restraints off the chair. Adrenaline rush!!


Probably my grade 8 teacher Mr. Harder. He was evil. He used to go around whacking students’ desks with a yardstick, to scare them out of their wits, and make jokes about certain students. He once called a boy from Chile a “Brazilian Nut”. I thought that was pretty bad. I didn’t like him one bit. He looked like a drunkard. If he taught school today, I think he’d be sued.

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@MRSHINYSHOES Ha, geography must not have been his strong suit.

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The man who share remain nameless.

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@Jude I think you got a little typo there…


@woodcutter Sorry to hear that about your dad.

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Well, damn. I can’t edit.

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Don’t worry. Lots of men share.

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I don’t want the scary ones, though.

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You know, it’s more than a little creepy that so many teachers have been named on this thread and the “scariest woman” thread. Just sayin…

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Where’s the scariest woman thread?

Not a teacher anymore. Yay. :)

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this man was uber scary to me.

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This dude scares me and little kids.

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@chyna you love him and you know it! Acceptance is the first rule. Embrace it

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@blueiiznh That was hilarious!

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my shitty uncle who is finally out of my family’s life. what a wackjob.

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My husband’s grandfather. He stormed Normandy, marched through Paris, and kicked ass all across this country. He’s 88 now and I wouldn’t mess with him if you paid me. I don’t know anyone who would, either.

He’s not particularly scary, just tough as nails.

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Men don’t scare me anymore, I defeated their king… I know what the rotten kinds are made of mostly, not much to be scared of when you break the bully down.

My mother… now there was a woman I wouldn’t mess with, she was nuts and strong like bull!

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