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What is a great personal gift to get a boy for his naming ceremony?

Asked by BeccaBoo (2715points) September 20th, 2011

I have to buy a special gift for my 5 month old nephew, he is having his naming day ceremony in November.
However my sister is a Vegetarian and a Buddhist amongst other things and the present has to conform to a non traditional and non gender specific.

Help I am stumped! Any ideas?

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What about a book/stuffed animal combination? I know he’s too little to read right now, but reading to a child is a wonderful bonding experience for baby and mother alike. Perhaps “The Velveteen Rabbit” with a baby safe stuffed rabbit? Or “Winnie the Pooh”? That way, he has a stuffed animal to curl up with now, a story for the mother to read to him when he’s a bit older and a book when he is able to read it himself.

I’m a big believer in the gift of reading :)

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Name tags.

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A donation to his college fund or a US Savings Bond.

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@Raven_Rising She already reads to him now, and he loves it apprently. Good idea Thanks.

@AstroChuck Name tags??

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Get him a mole skin journal, and some water colors. Wait, painting, is that male or female again? Lol. Boy I tell ya, training someone to grow up in a non conformist world, very harmonious.

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Here’s an idea, I got this book called Raising Vegetarian Children for one of my friends when her baby was born. It’s more for Mama, but the child would reap the benefits.

And to go along with the theme, you could also get something like this, that would actually be for the baby, who could use it when he’s just a little bit older. I also got this for my friend’s baby last month when she turned one and one for my nephew even before he was born. Toddlers Pots and Pan Set

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Nothing. Save your money. He won’t remember it anyway. People and their babies are going to far with the gifting occasions. It’s a damn baby! Everyone has them and has been having them for almost half a million years folks!

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Five months is a long time to not have a name!

Does your friend appreciate silliness? Or is she much more proper about this stuff?

I would design a (light blue) custom onesie on Zazzle or Cafepress that read (in white):
What’s his face.
That one kid.
[Your friend’s name]‘s baby.

Then buy a bunch of iron-on letters (in a dark colour). Throw the appropriate letters into your gift bag after they announce his name.

That’s what I’d do anyway…

@atch People still celebrate birthdays. Why is your actual day of birth less special?

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@Nimis He has a name it’s Henry, and its my sister not a friend.

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@BeccaBoo Someone I know shares that name ;)

He received a set of these books for his baby shower. You could select one or two. The books are based off from Henry David’s life…so they’d fit into the type of family this Henry will grow into.

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@SpatzieLover A wonderful idea thanks. Had been looking for something like this so I am grateful. Not too pricey either. My sister loves to read to him already so I am sure she will appreciate them too.

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