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Why do beer bellies look different than other fat bellies?

Asked by cockswain (15233points) September 20th, 2011

You can usually tell the difference between someone with a beer belly and someone who eats way too much. Why do they have a different shape?

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What is the difference between a beer belly and fat from food?

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Uh, that’s what I’m asking.

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No, I mean what is the different shape? LOL. You are asking why is it different? I didn’t know they are different. My dad has what I thought people call a beer belly, and he never drinks beer.

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@JLeslie @cockswain Beer bellies look more “localized”. The beer belly is very centered, making the person appear pregnant…...that’s the best way to describe it. A regular large belly has surrounding fat around it, or it melds in with the rest of the body better.

The best example is seeing a guy that appears to have a physically fit body, except for his belly. It will protrude out and look different than the rest of his body.

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@Blackberry That’s exactly what it looks like. Sorry, @JLeslie , I’ve put a few in my belly myself tonight. But yeah, you’ll see a guy that would normally be thin except he’s got that round belly. Why does it look so different? They go away kind of fast too. Maybe it’s just takes a few righteous farts to clear a beer belly.

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@cockswain No problem :). My dad has a beer belly, and does not drink beer. He has had one since I can remember. I think it has more to do with genes than beer.

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Beer bellies tend to look tighter in appearance like a pregnancy. I know my cousins looked really bad and I think it has to do with Ascites which gives a tight look appearance to the skin. One of the signs of alcoholic liver disease.
So its not always the random placement of fat that can get under your organs or that just sits on top.

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Calories. When you drink alcohol, the liver burns alcohol instead of fat. New studies show beer guts are more common in binge drinkers. Also, older men (and some women) are more prone to beer guts because of slower metabolism. burp excuse me.

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But if I eat a bunch of ice cream and pizza my gut takes a different shape (over time). They both have lots of calories. I don’t get what you mean about the liver’s role. It detoxifies the alcohol, but you get the fat calories the same as other fat sources, right?

I’m confused. If you really understand this I want to know.

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I think it has to do with having a big omentum. Apple figure that has high risk for heart disease. Too many calories and bad genes you get a preggers tummy, even if you are a guy. The calories can be from beer. Also, most regular beer drinkers probably have crappy diets overall.

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@cockswain Have you done the experiment with beer? Did you get the beer gut you speak of?

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No, I’m pretty picky about staying in shape. I’ve just observed it on lots of other people. Roommates, friends, that sort of thing.

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Evaluating my belly

Nope, no beer belly, just a little brownie belly lol

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@cockswain The liver is a pretty amazing organ but its not a miracle machine. To much alcohol will eventually cause damage and it will show eventually. The liver isn’t a life time brita filter.

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No doubt fat accumulates in the belly from both over eating and drinking too beer but I think beer bellies look more like that of a pregnant woman from being overstretched with all that liquid.

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The toxins and wheat or grain products in alcoholic drinks cause dehydration. All the sulfuric-bearing gases and loss of electrolytes make you bloated. Plus the extra calories probably don’t help.

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