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Do you believe in scales?

Asked by zahava85 (131points) May 8th, 2008

Big debate raging about BMI recently because the scale just tells you weight, but does not differentiate between fat or muscle. Thoughts on scales as a healthy living tool?

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No, I think scales are imaginary. Like unicorns.

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If it has scales, it’s kosher.

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No. I got rid of mine when I moved out of my house to an apartment.

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Must not be kosher, then. Dammit MrlKnowItAll.

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Scales? I’ve seen grainy pictures of them moving through the woods like Bigfoot. Hey! You think he uses them?

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Scales are cool on fish!

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I don’t pay any attention to how much I weigh. If I feel good and my clothes fit then all is well. If my jeans start getting tight and I start feeling sluggish then it’s time to do something about it.

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Being a libra, I obviously love scales, so I’d never step on them!

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Sorry for the snark. I couldn’t resist. I think you raise a good point, but it’s like anything else—a lot of different factors go into making someone “healthy”. Obviously 100 pounds is not a healthy weight for everyone and 200 is not unhealthy for everyone. BMI is not really the best solution either, especially for people who are uniquely short or tall or muscular or just built differently.

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ALSO physical conditioning matters a great deal too. Being in the army I have seen plenty of guys that look like they could stand to lose a bit of weight yet they could run circles around most of people I know.

Are scales a healthy living tool? Sure. If you see that the number just keeps going up, and up… and you aren’t doing anything more physically challenging than walking to the freezer to grab another pint of Cherry Garcia then back to the couch to watch must-see-tv…. I’d say it’s a great tool.

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Not at all. Being overweight is nowhere near as bad as being over-fat.
It’s the same as BMI. It doesn’t take into account your body composition.
tbf, it does tell you what weight you should be around when you have the right body composition. (which does include a bit of fat people!)

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I find that taking the thumb and pointer finger of my right hand and grabbing that little something at my waist-line tells all.

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Overall fitness and ability is a better judge then weight is.

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Scales are stupid to have. The number shouldn’t matter it’s how you feel about yourself! I see people stress over losing the “last 5 pounds”, but they look great! Concentrating on how much you weigh is SO overrated! Feel good about how you look!

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