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Do we really need to be told that we've marked a Great Answer?

Asked by CWOTUS (26067points) September 21st, 2011

Was this the least necessary new feature we needed in Fluther?

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Haven’t we always been told we’ve been given a great answer? This seems like a pretty old feature to me.

Or do you mean we are told we’ve given a great answer? In which case, where is this feature? I’ve not noticed. Is this a plot to make me look at spurious stuff on fluther? Because I have better things to do.

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Where does it tell you that?

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Until very recently (I cleared the cache, and maybe that somehow fixed things), awarding a GA was taking me to the top of the page and a banner that “You’ve marked this as a Great Answer!” or something like.

It’s not doing that any more.

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I know what you mean – sometimes everything halts and I’m thrown to the top of the page only to encounter the exciting news that I’ve just GA’d someone. Makes you not want to GA anymore.

But that only happens once in a while.

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@CWOTUS it did that to me too, for a while. But then it just stopped. Thankfully.

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That seems to be a bug that comes up individually from time to time. It was once explained to me why but I forget. It hasn’t happened by me for a long time.

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It seems to happen to me when I try to give a GA to a quip in a closed or archived thread.
Otherwise, I don’t think it’s happened to me.

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I’ve only ever had that happen when I give a GA before the page has fully loaded.

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It’s a glitch. Usually clearing the cache helps, but every so often it doesn’t…Don’t know why.

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That only ever happens to me if I right click the GA button and hit open (which I occasionally have to do to make my GAs “stick,” for some reason sometimes I’ll click GA over and over again and it refuses to mark it; usually this happens when Fluthering from my phone). It’s never happened if I just left click GA.

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There are a few that sometimes “work”. For instance if you don’t want to read all the activity and press mark all as read you get a message “take that activity” but it’s not all the time ^^

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What new feature? I don’t recall being told I received a GA, unless you mean the list of lurve on the right hand of the screen.

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@YARNLADY It happens all the time when you mark great answer/question in a closed discussion. Once in a while there’s a glitch and it happens when you click on an open discussion.

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This usually only happens in closed threads or on really looooong threads. It seems like sometimes it just happens for random reasons. It’s definitely not intended to happen every time, and clearing the cache usually works to reset it.

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What is happening is the Javascript file that does the AJAX stuff (that updates the server without reloading the page) has failed to properly load. You can recreate this by turning off javascript in your browsers preferences.

If it happens the easiest way to fix it is to hold down “Shift” when you reload the page. That forces the browser to grab fresh copies of the Javascript, CSS, and Image files. No real need to clear the entire cache.

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Anybody ever tell you you are wonderful @johnpowell ?

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I tell myself that everyday.

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Good – you should!

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You should do the same :-)

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