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How do out of state prison transfers work?

Asked by Raven_Rising (2215points) September 21st, 2011

If a inmate is transferred to a prison in a different state, is he brought back to the original facility after he has served his time? Or is he now considered an inmate of the new facility and released there?

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Usually they are not transferred out unless they have served their sentence in the original state first. In the case where they have to be moved for trial for crimes in a second state, I think it is covered by the extradition agreement the two states have with each other.

The state that ships the convict to another state can pay the second state for housing the inmate if they don’t want him or her back.

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The inmate in question had never been to the state where he was transferred. He was transferred to a different facility “for his own protection.” Apparently, he did not make friends in prison.

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@Raven_Rising He should be transferred back at the end of his sentence to the state he was incarcerated in.

Here in my state, transfers are common due to budgetary concerns and prision over-crowding. The inmates are released here once their sentence is complete.

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@Raven_Rising in that case, he should be brought back and released by the original state. Or if they deem it better to release him from the other state, they have to provide him transportation to his home state.

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Federal prisons transfer all the time. Is he in a Federal or State Prison?

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I believe it was a state prison. He was transferred from NH to California.

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