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I'm having a bad day. Is anyone else having a bad day?

Asked by loser (15017points) May 8th, 2008 from iPhone

Or if you’re having a good day, tell me about it so maybe my day will get better because of it.

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I’m not having that great of a day either.

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I have a cool job and am young and healthy and live in paradise, so every day is a good day. Why is your day bad?

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Yeah, tell us about your day.

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Everyday above ground is a good day.

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I’m having a good day. I am finishing up the last touches of the last assignment of my academic career, finished my last final yesterday, and got the news that I am going to Antarctica in September for two months. I’m sorry your day is bad. Maybe try kicking something.

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I spent 90 minutes doing CPR. By the end of that I felt like I was having an MI.
Patients wandering about now like nothing happened.

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I’m not having a bad day, but nothing has made it particularly great. Although I did enjoy a particularly fantabulous Caramel Latte from Dunkin Donuts. Before that though I was kind of falling asleep at my desk. Hope your day gets better!

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I’m having a ‘meh’ day, a just-waiting-for-the-week-to-be-over day.

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My wife is having a shitastic day, therefore I am too. Bah! Nothing horrible, but a snowballing mass of everything that could go wrongs.

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Here, maybe this will make you feel better. I have MS & have not had an MS free day this year. I had 8–10 weeks of vertigo & for the past three weeks I’ve been numb from the waist down. All of this is because of a new medication I’m on that takes 6 months for your body to adjust too. I’ve got at least one more month to go before my doctor will consider making a switch. And, its an injection that I have to give myself that makes me feel like I have the flu for 24 hours after a shot. I give myself an injection 3x a week.

I finally started feeling really, really sorry for myself last weekend & haven’t shaken it yet. But thinking that my pathetic story story might make you feel better is bringing a smile to my face. Hang in there, it gets better.

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@Luna, I try to keep things like that in mind when I birch about my day. But, that doesn’t go over all that well with my wfie. Hope you find a happy medium with your meds. Sounds pretty suck ass.

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I had a bad day but it was self-inflicted by my mood and attitude.

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I am having a terrible day, Loser. Had a “family jewels” accident so let’s raise a shot, or ten, to us, dear friend, to us.

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judochop: I like your outlook on life.

My day has been pretty great. It was my sleep in day for class, I didn’t have to wake up until 9:30. I had one class from 11:00 – 12:30. It’s history and I got asked out after class was over. I left school and went to hang out with my friend in Davis. She was babysitting this 1 1/2 year old, Drew, who basically loves me. He always smiles when he sees me, wants me to hold him, and falls asleep in my arms. She says he always cries every time I leave, too. We got lunch and had a picnic in the grass then went home. Then the dad came home and she and I left and went to take care of the horses. Then we chilled at her house – talked about life, guys, friends, guys, our vacation plans, summer, guys, Drew, and laughed a TON. Then I came home and took a shower. I talked to my friend who is coming home this weekend for WEF at UCDavis. We made plans to partyyy!! Anddddd.. now I’m here.

And if you’re having a bad day remember things could be worse.

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Well, I know I’m feeling a lot more grateful. How about you loser?

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@lunafemme: Wow, I am so sorry. Thank you for putting it all in perspective for me. My day was fine compared to what it could be.

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@loser—I’m glad I could help!! And, I was right, a big smile came to my face reading your answer, so thank you as well. I’m glad my patheticness helps!!

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@lunafemme: I’m sorry if I implied that you are pathetic. I don’t think you are. I just feel for you, that’s all.

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C’mon team, Your not really having a bad day, only a good day that hasn’t woken yet…
Your alive, so get going, point yourself in a different direction.
Go for a walk and clear your head. Try walking somewhere you haven’t walked before, and don’t forget to smile and say hello to the oldies and wrinkly’s…
Always look on the bright side of life…

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I spent my day serving the general public, dealing with such problems as ‘my popcorn isn’t salty enough!’ and ‘why does it take so long to clean a damn screen?’ The answer to the latter in case you were wondering is that the previous occupants felt the need to throw popcorn, dirty nappies and other wonders around leaving us with twenty minutes to have it spotless again. You can imagine my disdain.

Although in the bad day category this isn’t life or death type stuff, but multiply that day many times and you have a recipe for badness.

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I am. I lost my magic powers and turned dyslexic, all at the same time. Really bad day.

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