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Do you have a "Net 10" prepaid mobil phone horror story?

Asked by gondwanalon (20375points) September 22nd, 2011

Have you had an issue with NET 10 like mine?
My wife bought me a 30 day prepaid Net 10 phone card. I went to the Net 10 web site and activated my phone. I turned on my phone and the screen message said “Welcome back”. I assumed the the phone would function properly as it did in the past. 20 days later I tried to use the phone and got an error message. I contacted NET 10 by email and they responded one week later with list of instructions for me. I tried the instructions a few days later when I had time to no avail. When I finally called NET 10 on the phone for help I was told by two people that I have to buy another prepaid card because my 30 days was up. They refused to refund my money or activate my phone even though they knew that I could not use my phone for the last 30 days. I felt like I had just been totally ripped off.

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No, I have never tried a prepaid phone card, and yes, you did get ripped off, no feeling about it. lol

I’d contact the company gurus and issue a complaint and let them know you will not be promoting their inferior products peddled by their inferior staff.

It happens, live and learn.

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The two times I’ve had “technical problems” with my Net10 phone were both resolved satisfactorily. (I’ve had a couple of different phones, serially, for several years now.) However, the first problem that I had took nearly a week of daily phone calls to resolve. (I discussed this in an earlier question response today on the “What phone do you have?” thread.)

The other time involved when the first phone (Nokia clamshell) finally gave out after a couple of years and I replaced it with the current Samsung model. Moving from one phone to the other was a little more difficult than it should have been, because the problem with the old phone was that the display simply didn’t work any more.

Otherwise, I like the phone / service, and I expect I’ll probably keep it for another couple of decades, since my minutes won’t expire until around 2038. (Read the other thread.)

I would definitely contact the company to register the complaint, and escalate if you don’t get a favorable response from the first person you talk to. (But you can’t blame the company that you didn’t even attempt the first use of the phone for 20 days, can you? That time is really on you, I think.)

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@Coloma and @CWOTUS Thank you for the information.

The fact that I didn’t bother to use my cell phone for 20 days is an indication (to me at least) that I don’t need a cell phone. My wife bought it for me. I had this phone for over a year and I used it about 6 times.

Anyway my wife just now handed me a new “Samsung” that she paid $10 for (including the phone and the payment plan) and is structured more towards my cell phone usage. I pay $10 for every 5 calls that I make and each call has unlimited minutes. So if I make 5 calls in one year then I pay $10. If I make 5 calls in one month then I pay $10. If I make 5 calls in one week… oh you get the idea. This is perfect for someone like me who rarely uses a cell phone.

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