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Can you buy liquor in a foreign country and bring it back into the United States?

Asked by srmorgan (6738points) September 22nd, 2011

My daughter is going to Brasilia, Brazil and wanted her to bring me back a certain type of Brazilian rum.
She is concerned that she won’t be able to get it through security checkpoints in Brasilia and Atlanta on her return.

Anyone tried this lately?

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Buy at the duty-free shop at the airport, and they deliver it to the passenger on the plane. Obviously, to be in the terminal and even visit the duty-free one has to be a ticketed flier with a boarding pass. At the point of purchase this information is given to the duty-free cashier, who notes the flight and seat information for proper (and timely) delivery.

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It has to be checked and it cannot be more than one quart. My girlfriend bought some Limoncello in Genoa, and when we went through security in Washington DC for the last leg, she had to check it.

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Yes, but there is a limit.

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Yes, she can.

Easy: when flying from outside the U.S. to her destination airport inside the U.S., duty-free purchases can be part of her carry-on bags.

Tricky: when flying from outside the U.S. to a connecting airport, going thru customs, then going back thru security to board the next flight home, she’ll need to re-pack the liquor in her checked bags.

Read more here:

BTW, there is no limitation mentioned on the amount of liquor she’s allowed in her checked luggage.

FYI: alcohol that is over 80 proof (40% a.b.v.) might be considered a “flammable liquid”. If so, it might not be transportable by plane at all.

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Out of curiosity, what kind of Brazilian rum?

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Update to earlier post: alcohol that is over 140 proof (70% a.b.v.) is considered a flammable liquid by the TSA and will not be permitted on U.S. flights.

Also, the TSA allows up to five liters of alcohol with alcohol content between 24% and 70% per person as checked luggage if it’s packaged in a sealable bottle or flask.

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I brought back rice wine and baijiu from asia last year, no problem. Betlenut too! lol
Just wrapped them well in my luggage and no issue with customs. Of course all the attention was on my friends baggie of Taiwan Tide that exploded on the conveyor belt while she was re-distributing the weight in her luggage. After they smelled it we were off the hook for smuggling heroin. lolol

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GA @robmandu I was wondering about the TSA regs.

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have her wrap it really well like in thick towels and put it in her suitcase, you are just required to claim it on the customs paperwork when you come in. See the link to their website

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